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Computer Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Affordable treatment for panic, anxiety, depression and stress.

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Popular Videos

Little Bites

Short videos that illustrate key and important psychological points from working with clients or from the research.

Panic Pit Stop

Our brain creates panic out of an interpretation of the unique circumstances of your life. Probably never to be repeated but your brain may not recognise that.

The 7 Rules of Active Self Help

Dr David Purves creates Active Self Help films that empower you to change your life for the better.

Regain of Your Feeling of Control

All psychological problems like depression, axiety and stress deplete your sense of personal control.

Insights From Clinic

Why it takes time for therapy to work for anxiety and depression.

Stress, Anxiety, PTSD & Depression

In this video he describes the absolute key differences and with that information explodes the mystery surrounding these life destroying problems.

Learn how to close the 5 doors

Join my community and learn everything you need to close the 5 doors to anxiety and much much more.

Consultant Psychologist

Clinical Director of the Berkshire Psychology Service and author of Blues Begone, Panic Pit Stop, Mood Control and The Mindfulness Journey.

Dr David Purves, is a psychologist in Reading, Berkshire with a D. Phil in Experimental Psychology from the University of Oxford. He is also qualified as a psychotherapist, is an accredited CBT therapist and Chartered Scientist.

Dr Purves’ other academic qualifications include a first class degree in Psychology from Lancaster University and a Master of Science (MSc) in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy from LMU.

When CBT is explained well it is easy to apply to your life.

Prior to starting The Berkshire Psychology Service Dr Purves was head of the Berkshire NHS Traumatic Stress Service.

Dr Purves has created three popular computerised CBT products, Blues Begone and Mood Control and Panic Pit Stop which treat depression, anxiety and panic.

In addition he is author of a number of academic articles; national and international speaker on the subjects of trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and computerised cognitive behaviour therapy; expert psychologist on disaster and trauma; and an expert witness to the courts regarding instances of trauma and PTSD.

What Clients Say

"Thank you, David. I love the logic and strategic approach to your program. "If you were under real threat you'd be defending your life - you'd be running away." So logical! No other psychologist (or psychiatrist) I've seen over the years, has defined the thinking patterns and behaviours like you have!

Lyne Watts A successful journey taken

"After being checked out by specialists and given the clear, the Panic Pit Stop App came to my attention. I had been familiar with Dr. Purves’ previous Mood Control series through his You Tube videos. I was particularly excited about the app which then led me to go more in-depth with the Panic Pit Stop…

Carol Retired

"Hello, Dr. Purves! I am really enjoying and learning so much from your Panic Pit Stop program...much more than I have ever learned in the past three years from my two previous counsellors."

Testimonial A changed life

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