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Mental Health Wizard is a group for people who want to take control over their mental health and remove their reliance on experts to ‘treat; them. Our motto is: learn to become your own therapist. Then you don’t need a therapist. Self Help CBT is the chosen tool set we use because it really works.

Did You Know?

Did you know that most people can help themselves overcome depression, anxiety, stress and other psychological problems if they receive the right guidance at the right time? With Dr Purves on your team you’ll be taking the first steps to gaining more control over the psychological aspects of your life.

I Coach.

Anxiety is one of the most frequent psychological problems experienced in the world today. An expert therapist can successfully treat anxiety in about 6-12 sessions of face to face Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Suppose you can access and learn all of the tools of that therapist and apply them to your own problems so that you learn to control your own mental health. Through Anxiety Wizard I coach you through the entire process of making anxiety history.

I Write.

It can seem hard to understand how to help yourself out of panic, anxiety, depression and stress. If this is true for you, then you are not alone. When you live with problems everyday you can only see things from within your problems and this is the hardest place from which to solve them.

One of the most important functions of a psychologist is to help clients understand what is happening to them, in such a way to be able engage self healing resources. Anxiety Wizard takes you through this important process so that not only will fully understand why you struggle you fully understand the path forward.

I Speak.

Dr Purves publishes a new video every single day. These are short bites of insight and knowledge that keep you focused on your journey to wellness. Be sure you join the Mental Health Wizard Facebook Group to watch these videos. Once you start on your journey you will want to maintain momentum because as you feel better and better you are liable to forget how bad things were. These daily videos are simple and good and help you maintain your progress for life.

CBT is the most powerful and reliable treatment for all psychological problems, things like, panic, anxiety, depression and stress. Now Dr Purves has created a Self Help Version of CBT that you can use at home or where ever you are, on any device, at any time. You have full and immediate access to the full program.

Dr Purves has treated over 800 patients face to face in his clinic. He has turned his vast clinical experience into a set of tools that ‘just make perfect sense’. His approach is not complicated nor is it difficult to understand and use, But then the best things never are. It is quite simply your treatment path to a better life.

Become your own therapist…then you don’t need a therapist. Learn how to do this and you are genuinely free from the burden of poor mental health.

My Story

Dr David Purves, is a psychologist in Reading, Berkshire with a D. Phil in Experimental Psychology from the University of Oxford. He is also qualified as a psychotherapist, is an accredited CBT therapist and Chartered Scientist.

Dr Purves’ other academic qualifications include a first class degree in Psychology from Lancaster University and a Master of Science (MSc) in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy from LMU.

Prior to starting The Berkshire Psychology Service Dr Purves was head of the Berkshire NHS Traumatic Stress Service.

Dr Purves has created three popular computerised CBT products, Blues Begone and Mood Control and Panic Pit Stop which treat depression, anxiety and panic.

In addition he is author of a number of academic articles; national and international speaker on the subjects of trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and computerised cognitive behaviour therapy; expert psychologist on disaster and trauma; and an expert witness to the courts regarding instances of trauma and PTSD.

See What Others Say About Mental Health Wizard

Louise Wilson


Got to the point where I am accepting of where I am or at least more accepting than I have ever been! That is progress! I am more aware of my abilities and less dismissive of them than before. I still run a program of threat but it is reducing. I have moments of knowing there is little or no threat and some of those moments my feelings of threat are lower than before. Need to keep going to remove it. Thank you

Dave EL


In a few short weeks, using the knowledge and tools as prescribed by Dr Purves, I have surfaced from a dehibilitating depression which had followed months and months of relentless high anxiety. What I’ve found is that as the depression lifted, the anxiety has also subsided. I’d like to encourage everybody to adhere as best as you can to the programme and trust that it will have the most positive impact on your wellbeing if you put the work in.

Tracey Howard


So in the last few weeks I’ve really made the effort to communicate with my husband mental health wise, and what a difference it has made, he has worked really hard to help, saying that hes noticed I feel better after I force myself out, and encourages me in ways to leave the house, such as popping into town, or joining them on a 45 minute dog walk. He has also suggested he does or helps with certain jobs, so I can do CBT or meditate.

Jennifer Graham


Three years ago, when I was suffering from severe depression, anxiety and panic attacks, I couldn’t afford to see a psychologist over a long period of time. I searched the internet to look for ways to best cope with these conditions. Of all the self-help information, Dr. Purves’ approach stood out for me. I found his You Tube videos particularly helpful. I like his problem-solving approach to mental health as well as his easy- to-understand illustrations. I highly recommend signing up for courses on

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I am passionate about helping others to free themselves from Panic, Anxiety and Depression. The program is an online course to take you on a journey out of these problems and into The Good Times . Real ‘do it yourself solutions’ to psychological problems and access to a world of life changing knowledge and skills.

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