Month: July 2013

The Worry Cure

The Worry Cure Active Self Help for Depression, Anxiety and Stress If you’re looking for the worry cure you need to be aware of where you place your attention. You’ll understand a lot more about why you’re worrying if you can identify what you’re thinking about. Sometimes you’ll be thinking about the past in a …

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Five barriers to using self help

Five barriers to using self help Anxiety problems are usually linked with depression. These two common yet devastating psychological problems are causing more misery than almost anything in our modern society. Depression and anxiety are both very treatable by psychological means with approaches like CBT therapy or interpersonal psychotherapy. However, instead of searching for a …

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Useful Links

Self Help from– is the most complete guide to information about Self Help on the Internet.    A very informative site about dialectical behavioral therapy www. – Dr David Purves maintains a private CBT Therapy service in Reading, Berkshire. Private CBT Therapy is rapid and effective. Loris Web Directory – – The Lois Web Directory lists useful …

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