Dr Purves on your team

Dr Purves on your team


Dr Purves is a specialist CBT therapist
Dr David Purves provides CBT therapy in Reading


The world is complex, even chaotic, and it is hard sometimes to fully understand our own psychological response to things. Our eyes look outward and see the physical world because we need to. But our mind is occupied with other matters.

Our mind interacts with a virtual world that looks like the physical one in appearance but obeys different laws of logic and consequence.

These are the processes that can be hard to understand.

Dr Purves specializes in helping you to better understand your internal (virtual) world. If you feel your life would be enhanced through a better understanding of your internal world then why not make the best investment possible. Invest in clarity, understanding and mastery.

Consultations via Skype or Email

Dr David Purves offers one to one psychological consultation via Skype or email. Dr Purves is located in Berkshire in the UK but with Skype you can be anywhere in the world and still get ‘real time’ access to his genuine psychological expertise.

Why should I try to change anything?

It is possible to carry on while you feel down, low, miserable, lacking in energy, motivation or joy.

You can often continue while you feel anxious, on edge, watched, conspicuous, hot, different and unsettled.

But why would you want to when there are powerful solutions available to you with little effort to access on your part.

If you are dissatisfied then get an expert on your team. Team up with Dr Purves and change your life for the better.

Full money-back guarantee

Dr Purves offers this promise. If you don’t feel you have gained genuine value from having Dr Purves on your team then he will instantly refund your fee.

No questions asked and no explanation needed.

You have only benefits to gain by having Dr Purves on your personal life team.

You can book a single 60 minute SELF KNOWLEDGE session for£100 ($160) guaranteed to get you going in the right direction. Following your SELF KNOWLEDGE session subsequent sessions for a short LIFE CHANGE course are available. 



Dr Purves will contact your directly once you have completed the payment steps. He will use the email provided during the payment process. For any additional questions or clarification please email: askdrpurves@gmail.com