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Welcome to which is the home of Active Self Help for Depression, Anxiety and Stress.

Perhaps you’ve come to this site because you’re seeking anxiety and depression treatment or generally struggling with mental health problems. This Active Self Help for depression, anxiety and stress section is where you can access the free resources you need to start you on your journey to wellness.

Active Self Help for Depression and Anxiety uses the knowledge, tools and resources of CBT therapy.  The three basic principles of the system are this:

 You need to understand what the problem is

You need to understand what to do about the problem

You need to know how to work on the problem

How you got here

You may not be sure if you’re suffering from depression, anxiety or stress or if  you do you might have questions about how you got to this place. If so you may find the articles in this first section helpful.

What is anxiety
Anxiety is very common. A vast sea of people around the globe suffers from the symptoms of anxiety, although relatively few get any help overcoming anxiety. And yet, anxiety is very treatable, often with very good results. Learn more.

What is a panic attack?
Panic attacks can happen suddenly and feel frightening and overwhelming. I’ve put together some panic attack resources to help you learn what a panic attack is, what you can do to prevent them, how to overcome them and panic attack medications. 

The seven causes of depression
Learn about the causes of depression.

Why stress feels overwhelming and how to fix it
Stress is a problem that everyone experiences from time to time. It is so common but yet so destructive. There is a mountain of evidence to show that stress induced problems are health destroying and even life shortening so anything you can do to better manage stress is going to be helpful. Learn more.

Are you ready to get started? If so you can jump right in with these articles and and exercises.


Seven Rules of Active Self Help for depression, anxiety and stress system

There are seven rules of the Active Self Help for depression, anxiety and stress system containing exercises which you can use to take control of the psychological aspects of your life.

Rule One  – Being where you are
Rule one, of the seven rules of the Active Self Help for depression, anxiety and stress system, is Being where you are. Knowing where you are is a very powerful position to be in. We make assumptions about what we should be like, what other people should think about us and how successful we ought to be in many different settings. Learn how to be where you are. (Now housed on

Rule Two – Focus on what’s real
Rule two, of the seven rules of the Active Self Help for depression, anxiety and stress system, is Focus on what’s real. A human thinking is often faulty, with cognitive distortions, and negative beliefs about the self causing a lot of problems. You need to challenge faulty negative and damaging thoughts to arrive at an accurate set of beliefs about yourself and your abilities. Learn more.

Rule Three- Doing is change
Rule three, of the seven rules of the Active Self Help for depression, anxiety and stress system, is Doing is change. In the end it is action that matters. Changing your beliefs about yourself opens the way to actions designed to move you forward; that allow you to gain the life you want. But you have to take action to make it happen. A brilliant idea not realised remains only an illusion. Do something now to take that first step forward.

Rule Four – Do something every day

Rule four of the seven rules of the Active Self Help for depression, anxiety and stress system is Do something every day. You have your problems and your ambitions every day. Therefore any program of personal change, whether to remove depression and anxiety or, to get the career and relationship you want has also to be pursued every day. Learn more.

Rule Five – Be Creative

Rule five of the seven rules of the Active Self Help for depression, anxiety and stress system is Be Creative in your Self Help. The world is an infinitely creative place and you an infinitely creative person. Your brain is a profoundly complex computer that can do more sophisticated things than any electronic computer could begin to do. If you use it well and expect it to surprise you with creative ways to make self help relevant in your life it will oblige you. Learn more

Correct your Faulty Thinking

When we’re looking at attacking anxiety and depression we need to focus on correcting our faulty thinking. This series of five short articles will show you how.

Collection of How to Articles

If you want to know how to change something in your life take a look at these how to articles which will guide you.

How to be happier
Positive Psychology has shown us that, with a little bit of effort, you can increase your happiness level. Learn more.

How to stop procrastination
Stop procrastinating and start doing. If you find you procrastinate I want to help you to identify what makes you procrastinate and what you can do to stop. Learn more

How to stop being self critical
Every psychological problem incorporates a degree of self criticism. I have come to realise that self criticism is so pervasive that it surely must amount to a form of psychological instinct; something you probably feel you have no choice or control over. Learn more.

How to be lucky
Luck is that strange and capricious force that can change our lives an any moment. Luck both good and bad is a force that many people have invested a lot of time and effort into controlling. Learn more

How to live longer and feel younger
I have been delving into the research literature on how to live longer and be healthy. I have a vested interest of course, I want to live longer and be healthy. But, I also want you to join me in living a long and healthy life. Learn more

Other useful articles and exercises

Do you challenge yourself enough?
Maybe the two most fundamental reasons people don’t achieve as much success and personal change as they want are that they don’t think big enough and they ‘play it safe.’ Learn more.

A law of nature you can harness for yourself
Some of the best ways of dealing with anxiety, depression, and panic attacks symptoms are achieved by not always focusing directly on these problems. Learn more

Barriers to happiness
Barriers to happiness occur as a by-product of living. They are the links between negative emotional states and events. Learn more

Doing things naked
Do some people enjoy being naked in public? I have noticed that there are a lot (more than usual) of things being done naked on television. Learn how to move out of your comfort zone.

You always have more control than you think
Recognition of control is the first step in exercising control. Learn more.

Considering therapy

If you’re considering therapy these articles will provide you with some further information.

Thinking about therapy
If you are thinking about undertaking face-face CBT therapy, I have created this short introduction to help orient you to the process of personal change. Learn more.

Dr Purves on your team
Dr David Purves offers one to one psychological consultations via Skype or email. Learn more.

Taking it further

Mood Control
Mood Control  is a comprehensive CBT system that delivers the full, personalised CBT therapy experience straight to you in your home via the internet on your personal Mood Control dashboard. Learn more.

Blues Begone
Blues Begone CBT Therapy DVD gives you between 20 to 40 hours of structured CBT therapy. It is designed to be used 5 times per week for between 20 -30 minutes each time. Learn more.


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