Enjoy Being Naked in Public?

Enjoy Being Naked in Public?

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Some people seem to enjoy being naked in public. I have noticed that there are a lot (more than usual) of things being done naked on television.  There is show where a presenter gets naked and tries to get others to do the same in the name of women’s liberation and I have just received an email in which there is a course teaching you to be a naked presenter.  Then of course there is the naked office program. And I recall naked news in the past.

Enjoy Being Naked in Public?: Why get naked?

naked statuesWhat is the point of becoming naked? Do people enjoy being naked in these circumstances? Of course it is one of the strongest and most firm taboos in our or any other culture. Actually it is probably even stronger in some other cultures. But more than that it is a long stretch from that place we occupy called our comfort zone.

You cannot see your comfort zone but boy you can feel it when you move out of it. I am not saying comfort zones are a bad thing. We all have them, and we all try to live within them.

Even adventurers who travel to mountains or sail the sea are still in their comfort zone. They are simply comfortable with challenge and risk. They have the skills and the knowledge to render what we call dangerous and fool hardy just an adventure.

Enjoy Being Naked in Public?: North Sea Diving

Dr Purves was a North Sea Diver
Dr Purves once worked as a North Sea Diver

Many years ago now I used to be a North Sea Diver. I spent 12 years diving to very deep depths, (deepest 650ft about 200 metres). It was amazing down there. Only me, a diving bell, millions of pounds of kit above me (ship etc) and about 20 people on the team in general support.

I used to tell stories of deep diving and people would be amazed and comment on the danger and how brave I must be.  But the truth was that it did not bother me (most of the time) unless I went out of my comfort zone. I knew what I was doing and there were relatively few diving accidents.

Mercifully I went into it after that period when people were figuring out how to actually do it safely. The regular diving did not bother me very much it only moved out of my comfort zone when it got genuinely dangerous, with rough seas and zero visibility combined, for instance.  In the end I moved to the study of psychology because I had become bored with the whole adventure. I yearned for more challenge and this time it turned out to be intellectual rather than physical.

So we all have comfort zones. If you are an urban dweller what is going to be the most exposed and vulnerable you can be.  You got it… naked.

But what is the benefit to the naked person other than being a naked person on the TV where pretty much everyone you ever knew can see you without clothes? Well it makes you feel alive in a way that most things don’t and it has the potential to change your life, if you embrace the experience.

Enjoy Being Naked in Public?: Comfort zones can turn out to be prisons

You see comfort zones are both a good thing and a bad thing. They are good because they let you go about your daily business without feeling much of anything.  You are not going to be overly distracted by fear, anxiety or worry.  But if you mistake a prison for a comfort zone you are in deep trouble. You see comfort zones have a tendency to get smaller. I have noticed this as I get older. I used to feel more willing to undertake adventures than I do now (for adventure read ‘have a night out). I experienced the comfort zone prison when I learnt a few dance steps and went to a dance where everyone was much much better than me.  I had to remember to have fun instead of trying to look competent. It took an effort, even so, because I was thrust unexpectedly out of my comfort zone.

Enjoy Being Naked in Public?: How to escape from prison

Prison is a comfort zone gone bad
Comfort zones can turn into prisons

You cannot escape from a prison without first recognising you are in one and then having the intention to escape.

Perhaps this is the critical thing about having your comfort zone challenged on the TV. Being on a TV show is for s

ome people a motivator and as such it gives them the excuse to have a life changing experience that is both socially sanctioned and deemed acceptable by friends and family who have no doubt enjoyed the whole will I,  won’t I  experience along the way as well.

Enjoy Being Naked in Public?: Getting naked

It is one of the ways that we urbanites can genuinely get out of our comfort zone. Now I am not at all urging anyone to go out and enjoy being naked in a public place.  But I think that we all benefit by examining our comfort zone in a little more detail from time to time. Remember some are helpful but even they will turn into prisons in time.

So examine your comfort zones and if you find that you are frightened by the prospect of doing something that many people would find innocuous, then you know you have allowed your comfort zone to turn into a prison. It has changed from being helpful to being a barrier to experiencing life at its fullest. And that makes it not at all helpful to hold onto.

Enjoy Being Naked in Public?: Simple discomfort zones you may recognise

A discomfort zone is when you do something everyone else seems able to do but which causes you discomfort.  This tells you your comfort zone has become a prison.

All of these examples have been given to me by clients who suffered from symptoms of depression and anxiety:

  • Going shopping in a busy street
  • Driving alone on busy roads
  • Talking to strangers at a meeting or party
  • Seeing people you know and realising you have to talk to them
  • Having to do something you don’t immediately know how to do
  • Sending your children to the cinema with another as caregiver

Take a look at the things you cannot do and ask yourself why not? This simple process helps you identify your personal prison and the reason it is there. This defines the problems and when you challenge the reason you cannot do it then you also have the solution.

Enjoy being naked. Escape your self made prison cell and see that the world is bigger and safer than you might have thought.

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