CBT Techniques: You always have more control than you think

CBT Techniques: You Always Have More Control Than You Think

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Did you know that there are CBT techniques that you can use to improve your life? You might not have yet realised that you always have more control than you think.

                Cognitive Behavior Therapy Controls Anxiety Attacks


Recognition of control is the first step in exercising control.  I can’t emphasise this enough. This is one of the most crucial concepts of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT Therapy.)

With my patients I use the example of perception of control over getting cancer to illustrate that you have more control over whether or not you get cancer than you may think.

Because whether you realise it or not, thoughts affect your entire existence both physical and mental.

If you can use your thoughts to control your physical immunities, how much more control can you have over psychological problems like anxiety attacks, depression, or panic attack?

CBT Techniques: Recognise control available

Recognition of the control already available to you is the first step in developing your control over every aspect of your life.  The feeling of security that comes from a sense of control in life is necessary if you want to experience emotional stability, calmness and happiness.

To believe that things are beyond your control is an unpleasant impulse that brings with it a feeling of vulnerability; a panic attack or anxiety attacks may follow.  It is as if anything could happen, and you have little power to control it or manage it when it does.

I have found that, without question, everyone who consults me feels they have lost some important element of control from their lives.

This might surprise you but my role, as a therapist, is not to give them more control.  They already have as much control as they need. This goes for you too. You already have as much control as you need.

Understand that you have as much control as you need if only you can recognise that simple but powerful fact to be true.

I want to be clear. CBT Therapy does not give people control, but it can help you to recognise and implement the full range of control that has always been available to you.

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