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When you choose to subscribe to Active Self Help for Depression and Anxiety, which you can do so using the box on your right, you’ll be taking the first steps to gaining more control over the psychological aspects of your life.

Wellness Starter Pack

When you sign up for Active Self Help for Depression and Anxiety you’ll immediately receive our Wellness Starter Pack which includes a wealth of complimentary resources that will help you learn how to overcome depression and anxiety. The pack includes the following:Wellness-starter-pack

  • A printable depression checklist which will give you a solid indication of your current level of psychological distress
  • A selection of Dr Purves’ expert self help videos

  •  The popular four killer apps that will cut your worry in half. These powerful tools will help you to learn how to stop worry and anxiety.
  • You’ll also gain access to exclusive subscriber offers for the products such as the successful depression treatment, Blues Begone and innovative CBT Coaching Course, Mood Control.


Blues Begone has grounded me and given me the tools – and from the first day I felt that I finally had support and wasn't alone in this. It was wonderful. Ms V

Excellent I feel like I have rediscovered myself Ms D

Excellent program – helped me tremendously – I feel more confident and positive and know if ever I need to I can dip in and out – a friend for life indeed. Mrs W


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