Anxiety, Depression and Treatment: Blues Begone's Fantastic Clinical Results

Anxiety, Depression and Treatment

Blues Begone is clinically effective for
treating depression and anxiety:

Clinical RCT data

If you're concerned with anxiety, depression and treatment then you might be interested to learn that we get fantastic clinical results from depression and anxiety treatment program Blues Begone.

I recently presented a paper on the results at the European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive therapies (EABCT) conference in Marrakech 2013. I recorded the presentation and have placed it here for you to watch.

In this presentation I am talking about a randomized controlled trial (RCT) with Blues Begone comparing an immediate use group to a waiting list group.

Anxiety, Depression and Treatment: Randomised controlled trial

The randomised controlled trial type of research design is called the gold standard for research and it means we can conclusively show that Blues Begone is effective in treating depression and anxiety when compared to people who simply wait on a list for treatment.

It also shows that when previously symptomatic patients are given Blues Begone they improve and that improvement is entirely attributable to Blues Begone.

Anxiety, Depression and Treatment: The experimental groups

There are two experimental groups. One group who were assessed and got the program to use immediately and one group who were assessed but had to wait 8 weeks before getting the program. This provides us with what is called a wait list control. This form of control allows us to factor out any placebo effect from simply being in a trial or of being assessed. It also allows us to make between group comparisons to look for differences arising from using Blues Begone.


Blues Begone
Blues Begone is an effective treatment for depression and anxiety

After a waiting period of 8 weeks the wait list group were re-assessed again and then given Blues Begone to use. Once they used Blues Begone the waiting list patients were once again assessed. The data showed that after using the program they also improve. This is a powerful demonstration of the power of computerised CBT when delivered through Blues Begone.

Anxiety, Depression and Treatment: Patients continue to improve 6 months later

We made strenuous efforts to follow up patients in the trial at a minimum of 6 months after using Blues Begone. The data show that all groups continued to significantly  improve on both measures of depression and anxiety.

The people who used Blues Begone were normal people who went to their GP/doctor  in primary care, for help with feeling low or anxious. Some were on anti depressants or anxiolytic medication and some not. As far as Blues Begone was concerned it didn't matter.

After using Blues Begone 72% of people made great gains in feeling better. And amazingly 61% were cured of depression / anxiety or both.

Learn more about Blues Begone and how it can help you.

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