You can rewire your brain

How to rewire your brain to remove intense anxiety and depression

You can rewire your brain

It seems like there are risks everywhere

There are so many options and choices in life that often we can’t see the wood for the trees and this makes us feel confused and disoriented. Lack of focus makes choices blur into one another, nothing seems clear nor doable. Intense anxiety can also feel like this. With intense and prolonged anxiety your brain is constantly trying to see all possibilities and to assess them for risk while travelling down each risk path to see what might happen, if it were to come true. Then of course each perceived risk must be managed because how could you bare it if you had foreseen a disaster but did nothing about it? Well that would be intolerable, wouldn’t it?

Suppose you could rewire your brain to stop all this from happening. In essence what would it be like to stop being anxious? Imagine what clarity and focus feels like! Can you remember that? I know how you can do this. I know how you can reduce anxiety to a point where you forget to be anxious.

I have helped hundreds of people to achieve this. Many of them I have never met! Nevertheless there is a system that you can use, almost like a recipe and over time it will rewire your brain to give you less and less anxiety until you forget to be anxious. It is often in 95% of cases that anxiety and depression go together and so what I am writing holds true for depression as much as anxiety.

I have recorded this audio podcast that gives you more information about how to rewire your brain.

 How change happens

I often start a therapy session by asking my clients what has happened over their week. Once they have been through the system, they think for a moment and often say “nothing really a normal week!”
I probe further; “anxiety or panic?”
And they say “oh I forgot about that, err no nothing this week at all.” That is what we are after; the complete rewiring of the brain to remove anxiety from your everyday experience.

Learn more about The Panic Pit Stop Program Here.

The facts

These are the facts. You can also achieve this state of normality where anxiety is a distant memory and where depression is a thing of the past. But you have to put some effort in to achieve it. Let’s say you have been anxious for about a year, ask yourself this question: How much of my time has been spent on feeling anxious? What might your answer be, 20%, 40%, 60% of your time? The immediate answer I often hear from someone who experiences intense anxiety is “I am anxious 100% of the time, all the time!”

How to become an expert at being anxious

If you want to become expert at something you have to practice. If you have spent a significant percentage of your time being anxious that is called practice! You have practised being anxious and you have become very good at it. That is why you have anxiety as a constant companion in your life. In essence you have rewired your brain to give you intense anxiety.
The obverse is also true. If you practice challenging your anxiety then you will become good at not being anxious. You will feel safer and more at ease with yourself. You will have rewired your brain to focus on feeling safe, good and at ease. And these are the opposite of intense anxiety.

How long does it take to rewire your brain?

I have observed from years of clinical practice that it doesn’t matter how long you have been anxious you can still return to normality, calm and peace. But only if you follow this rule of thumb. If you have mild anxiety it takes about 6-8 weeks of effort to rewire your brain. If you have moderate or intense anxiety it takes about 10-12 weeks to rewire your brain. There is no way around it. Progress requires some effort. There is no ‘magic’ quick fix that can rewire your brain for you.

Following this rule of thumb I expect everyone to make changes in the structure of their brain. Some will take much less time and a few may take a bit more time but effort equals outcome in the endeavour. Everyone who puts the work in will progress and feel better. It takes effort over a short program of work, which includes doing a little bit on most days to rewire your brain out of anxiety. Then you are free.

Choose your future

Pick a notable point in the future, let’s say, few months away and imagine how great it will feel to be free of anxiety and depression for that event; Christmas, a family holiday, a long vacation. You can choose how your life will go. But you have to choose, right? Otherwise nothing changes, and another year passes.

Being able to focus on what’s really important is a huge advantage in any area of life but it is doubly important where a psychological problem is concerned. Because these are some of the hardest things to change. You can’t grasp intense anxiety in your hand, you can’t see it, taste it, touch it or see it. You can only feel it. This is why it’s so hard to help yourself. Without a map to guide you and the system to follow you won’t know what to do next.
Without the system you will founder and give up. Because it is easy to get lost in the forest if you don’t have a map.

The systems I have developed to rewire your brain out of anxiety use My Active Self Help CBT method. And the Panic Pit Stop Program is what you need work through to rewire your brain out of anxiety.

Caution: If you aren’t ready to change your life; rewire your brain and become free from the grip of anxiety and depression then it is probably better not to proceed. It would be better not to start than give up before completion as that just pushes your mood down further.

Learn more about The Panic Pit Stop Program Here.

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  1. Ralph I work with PTSD all the time and am very successful at resetting the amygdala. It is just a matter of doing the right things to reset it. Email me if you want to know more.

  2. Ralph Kelly

    Can you speak to amygdala hijack reated to ptsd…can’t turn fight or flight off…afraid it’s undoable. Thanks RDK

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