What is Anxiety?

What is anxiety? Anxiety is a terrible force that destroys your happiness. It puts an edge of fear on every experience and it never seems to be satisfied. Living with anxiety is like always wanting to look over your shoulder; just in case. No evidence ever seems enough to satisfy the need to be sure.


Your attempts to solve the problem of your anxiety causes even bigger problems. Because you probably don't know why you are anxious it is hard to know how to resolve it. Therefore you will certainly resort to controlling other people, things and processes in order to keep your loved ones safe, yourself safe and protect the future of your family. This does not help!

As the problem is anxiety this means that your brain is overestimating the threat you and your loved ones face. So obviously trying to keep people safe when they are not actually threatened is a useless and counter productive thing to do. The real resolution to anxiety is to challenge the anxiety itself.

Watch this film and see the truth about how to recover from anxiety

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What is anxiety? -  The thinking part of anxiety is called worry

The thinking part of anxiety is worry. But your whole body is also affected that is why it is hard to settle down and relax. But worry is often seen as the powerful engine of anxiety. Many people think that worrying is a necessary part of staying safe. As if it is essential to think about all possibilities, to look at every angle and to make sure all eventualities have been factored in your planning. WRONG!

Worry is a pointless, repetitive activity that creates more unproductive thinking. Worry is not problem solving it is worry and never helps even though it does keep your mind occupied and while it can feel productive it never really is.

What is anxiety? - The best friend to anxiety is depression

These almost always go together. Not feeling safe with few obvious ways to resolve it is depressing. Being unable to feel safe and secure as you go through life can spoil everything. In my professional life I treat anxiety and its friend depression every day. I know that virtually everyone who suffers from these twins of misery has fallen into the trap of passing though passing some gateways activities that has helped create their problems in the first place.

What is anxiety? - The Five Doors to Anxiety

The Five Doors to Anxiety. You must have passed through at least one of these doors to be where you are now.


Door One: Have you developed an intolerance to uncertainty? Do you NEED to be sure about things to feel safe.  Do you NEED to be in control of processes and people. Would someone call you 'a control freak'?

Door Two: Have you fallen into the trap of confusing unproductive worry with productive problem solving. Do you go over the same problem over and over again? That's worry folks!

Door Three: Are you familiar with catastrophic thinking? Will everything be a disaster, will it all turn out for the worst? Disaster and catastrophe is guaranteed to get the attention of your brain. Catastrophic thinking focuses your attention of the numerous (fictitious) reasons you need to be anxious. It just never happens. So your system is constantly on high alert for threat that never comes to pass.

Door Four: Strange as it may seem but you probably avoid emotional upset. Do you avoid confronting emotional problems? Would you prefer to walk away than say something if you feel annoyed, upset or provoked. Do you avoid confrontation because of the unpleasant emotions it might cause? This is avoidance of the normal emotions that flow through life.

Door Five: Do you sometimes think you have a physical problem? Does it seem unbelievable that the things you struggle with could all be caused by anxiety. How can anxiety cause pins and needles in your arms? How can anxiety cause tightness in your chest. How can anxiety make you feel like you are going to collapse?  It does. Because your system remains on red alert for threat your physiological  arousal can go through the roof at the drop of a hat and it can take hours to settle back down again. As you well know this is very unsettling.

 What is anxiety? - The good news about anxiety and depression

If you can go one way through a door you can reverse your journey. You can recover from anxiety and its twin depression. Indeed any anxiety therapy or depression treatment MUST take you back through the doors you have gone through. There is no other way. I recommend CBT therapy as the best way to retrace your steps and move away from anxiety and depression. But whatever therapy you choose you must go back through the doors. I have developed a pretty good way of going back through the doors of anxiety and depression. It is called Mood Control and it will take you  away from anxiety and depression and what is more it will show you how to avoid the doors to anxiety and depression in the future.

I hope you enjoyed the film, What is anxiety?, and now see the truth about how to recover from anxiety.

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