Types of Motivation: Augmented motivation

Types of Motivation: How motivated are you?

Augmented Motivation

There are different types of motivation. I sat down recently to watch a little television and as it so happened there was a show on about Wim Hof; a man who can tolerate extreme cold for long periods.

Types of Motivation: Ice Man

His tolerance is so great he can swim under polar ice in just a pair of swimming shorts, he can sit in freezing water for long periods and in the show I watched he ran a half marathon, far above the Arctic Circle, in winter, in a pair of shorts and open toed sandals. He can control his mind. 

Types of Motivation: Will Power

There were lots of doctors and other expert who were baffled by the ‘Ice Man’s feats. What he can do is lethal to everyone else it seems. Mr Hof described his ability as a combination of will power and mind training that regulates his body temperature.

But, if you think about it, regulation can only be half of the system. Irrespective of what he does mentally, the cold water and air is in contact with his body leaching away heat. Therefore he must also have found a way to internally generate heat to replace what the cold takes away from him.

Types of Motivation: The Mind Controls the Body

Before an ordeal, He sat in his car wrapped up in a coat focusing his mind inward.  I found it fascinating to see the power of the mind in really testing circumstances.  He did complete the half marathon and apparently looked none the worse for it (although it turned out that he had serious frost bite on his toes) and the experts were baffled. But it is unequivocal evidence that the mind controls the body.

Types of Motivation: Training Your Mind

Let us assert that, while having some exceptional ability he is also a human being and so we all must share many commonalities with him. If he can train his mind to such an extent then we must also be able to also train our minds, maybe to a lesser extent, but still we can achieve something along the lines he has pioneered.

Types of Motivation: Holding Candle
Some years ago I was in a workshop that was training us in using visual imagery to manipulate the feeling of hot or cold in one hand.  Everyone could change the subjective feeling of temperature on their hand.  Other research has demonstrated that depending upon how an event, such as being immersed in very cold water, is interpreted plays a large role in how painful it is. This research has often been done to help understand why some people die quickly in emergency situations while others seem to be able to survive successfully.

The ones that die very quickly seem certain they are going to die and consequently they do. Basically it seems that what you fill your mind with tells your body how to respond and that plays a vital role in whether you survive or not.

Types of Motivation: Thoughts become things

If we bring all of this closer to home, I was talking to a client who thought it unthinkable that she could gain a promotion.  She said ‘I cannot see myself in the job’.  She literally could not see herself in that role. She filled her mind with images that made her believe she could not get the job nor do it.

By filling her mind with such negativity she was engaging the power of the mind to make a negative future come into being, just as she predicted it would. You see the power of thought works both ways. It can help you survive and it can kill you. It can make things better and it can make the same things worse.

Types of Motivation: Motivation Exercise

As I mentioned before there are different types of motivation. I have called this approach Augmented Motivation or ‘The Mental Slide Show’.  Because it makes it easier to do things that may even seem impossible. Try it for yourself and see what an incredible difference it can make.

Types of Motivation: Augmented Motivation

Focus on what you want to achieve (whatever it is). Break the journey/goal/ambition down into four steps. Each step takes you closer to your goal. Here is an example:-

Suppose you want to feel less anxious in crowds (large or small).

Create a mental image of yourself with a few people and feeling absolutely great about it. Allow yourself to feel                      pleased at what you have achieved.

Create a mental image of yourself in a small crowd. Recognise that it is easier than you thought it would be and feel really pleased at how easy it is. Create a mental image of yourself in a large crowd and it is even easier than the small crown.

Allow yourself to know that you have mastered this completely. Create a mental image of yourself 3 months into the future and you are moving freely about, wherever you want to go, no matter the number of people near you.Practice this mental slide show rapidly at least 30 times each day.

Slide1, slide 2, slide 3, slide 4, then again 1, 2, 3, 4, and again 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on, about as fast as you can.  It will take about 5 minutes to do the whole daily practice of 30 repetitions.  After one week of practice go into a crowd and I can guarantee it will be a lot easier than before. You may even wonder what all the fuss was about.

Types of Motivation: Make Gradual Changes

Of course you must change the scenario to one that better suits your circumstances. The secret is gradual changes to the mental pictures you make that take you down a path towards the future you want.

I received an email from a lady who had finished the Blues Begone Program and her comments are relevant to this exercise.

She wrote.

“I really am amazed.  I sat on the train this morning doing my first mental slide show.  Have had a 'challenging' weekend with my ANTs! I'm challenging my employer to come up with a better package for me because I work so hard - a lot of self respect issues going on - and I do believe they are actually going to do it.  I asked, sought clarification, got advice .... and changed the way I did things.  Amazing!”

 Changing how you think about a situation changes your response to it and this gives you a lot more control over what happens. Please do try this for yourself.

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