Blues Begone remains superior to the NHS’s best efforts

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I can’t stand by and not argue with the NHS on this. The human cost of depression and anxiety is simply to great for me to say nothing. If you suffer depression and anxiety then please take the time to consider the data and watch my video.

The National Health Service has recently published data on their Improving Access to Psychological Therapies program. The figures are staggering.

The referrals for 2013-14 were:-

1,118,990 human beings in the UK. Of this number:-

217,591 reliably improved although not necessarily clinically improved (cured)

Therefore only 19.4% of those referred were reliably improved. I think that’s rubbish! If I had those figures in my clinic I would consider giving up! Now consider a viable alternative.

Blues Begone

Blues Begone the computerized CBT program does better than the NHS by a long mile. With Blues Begone you never have to see a therapist at all. The whole therapy is done on your own computer and you know what, it’s actually enjoyable! Your Blues Begone talks to you, it learns about you and it remembers what you have done!

NOW compare the NHS data to the Blues Begone clinical data.

Compare this to Blues Begone data

To get started on using Blues Begone this week click here and you will receive the DVD as soon as I can ship it to you.

I filmed this talk at the 43rd Congress of the European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies in Marrakesh, Morocco, September 2013.

Note about terms used

Reliable improvement is often defined by a specific number of points improvement on the questionnaire used to assess the clinical problem. Although that does not mean that the problem has been resolved. As an example using the Beck Depression Inventory a patient might score 30 points indicating severe depression. Reliable improvement is a drop in 10 points but that still leaves the patient on 20 points and in a state of moderate clinical depression.

Cured is defined as the questionnaire scores dropping below the clinical cutoff for the questionnaire.

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