How to overcome depression: It's like learning to drive a car

I was once discussing how to overcome depression with my brilliant colleague, Linda, who said, "Overcoming depression is like learning to drive a car."


Blues Begone Active Self Help Clinic

Linda used to run the Blues Begone Active Self Help clinic. Blues Begone is part of the NHS provision in Berkshire. It's a  home based CBT therapy anxiety and depression treatment which contains an active element that we call active self help. It capitalises on the patient's unique healing capacity.

During Linda's time at the clinic she saw over 600 NHS patients. This experience gave her a very good understanding of which people would benefit from Blues Begone and learn how to overcome depression, and which ones would take it but never use it.

Recovery from depression is like learning to drive a car

Linda likened recovery from depression to learning to drive a car. She said, "How good would you get and how fast would you progress if you took a driving lesson every night for 30 minutes?  The constant refreshing of what you learned on the previous lesson, the hours of practise devoted to achieving a goal and the sense of progress would almost guarantee a pass first time."


Linda's experience was that progress and recovery is so much better if patients using Blues Begone completed it within two months rather than dipping in to it now and again and sometimes never completing it. This wisdom Linda gained can also be applied to other goals in life that we want to achieve.

This sounds a amazing but it is true; Linda could predict with near certainty that if someone used Blues Begone and did a little bit of the program most days then they would be depression free within 2 months.  And, our follow up data showed they stayed depression free. Take a look!

Can you imagine what it would  feel like to be depression free two months from now?

How to overcome depression: Remember, life is about learning

Life is about learning. Depression and anxiety include a lot of learned behaviour that both causes and maintains them.  Recognising that and reversing the trend, a little bit at a time, is what Blues Begone does.  And that is why it is so successful.  It teaches you a new way to live that gets rid of bad habits of thought and action. Not too different from driving lessons!

How to get a referral

A GP can refer any patient to Talking Therapies and they can be given Blues Begone. The program is then free to the patient.  I mention this because providing a helpful treatment is not the same as a treatment being helpful.

Start using Blues Begone now!


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