Three things to give up to be happy: Part 3

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Stop being a people pleaser.

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Please be a social media volunteer

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Please be a social media volunteer

Thanks for finding this page. And for responded to my call for help.

Please watch this short video I put on my Patron website page. It will give you the scope of the challenge and I hope let you see that by helping you have the ability to deeply and genuinely affect people and change their lives.

This is an email you can use to contact me personally about this opportunity. But, please, please don’t feel obligated to jump in with both feet. Even a few minutes a week will be deeply appreciated.


Why I am on Patron from Dr Purves on Vimeo.

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The Panic Pit Stop Workshop

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A unique opportunity to join Dr David Purves for a one-day workshop in Reading, Berkshire.

The Panic Pit Stop Workshop.

If you want to learn more about how to remove panic, worry and anxiety from your life, please follow the link.

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3 things to give up to be happy: Part 1

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Life is a dynamic and creative experience. The insights here are designed to help you to have more choice and control over that experience.

I have created a short series of videos that offer insight into some of the barriers to happiness. I have called them: 3 things to give up to be happy. Here is part 1

I believe that a good goal to carry in your backpack as you move along your life path is that of being happy. Why not? We all reach the final destination, no exceptions, so it makes sense to me to try and have a happy journey.  To be able to say, well I enjoyed that!

There are barriers to happiness that are pretty powerful when they have a free hand. But they are not inevitable and they are not invincible. All that is needed to combat them is a little insight and a little motivation.

Be sure to download the Panic Pit Stop App if you haven’t done so already

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Find the space between you and your experience

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Be sure to download the new Panic Pit Stop App. It has some great tools that help you to find the space! This gets you more control over panic, worry and anxiety.

Download the Panic Pit Stop App

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The Panic Pit Stop App

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Panic Pit Stop: The App and The Course

Panic Pit Stop is the most comprehensive online CBT program for treating panic and anxiety.

Panic Pit Stop is the most comprehensive online CBT program for treating panic and anxiety.

The comprehensive, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) treatment for panic and anxiety.

CBT while you are on the go…on your phone or device.

Panic Pit Stop is now released as an app on the Apple App Store and on the Google Play Store. The Panic Pit Stop app is completely free. Get it now and start to change your experience.

To download it and get started go here for the Apple App Store

Download the Panic Pit Stop app

Download the Panic Pit Stop app

Download from the Apple app store

Download it here from the Google Play Store.

Get it on Google Play

The Panic Pit Stop Course is a continuation of the app. The Course delivers to you the fullest and most complete online CBT treatment for panic and anxiety.

Learn more about The Panic Pit Stop Course now 

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Our not so realistic reality

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Not so real reality

Not so real reality

The basis of any anxiety or panic problem is a personal belief about something that in reality is not true. Whatever your individual fear may be, the chances are that it is completely illogical and not at all rooted in real facts. Living a life based entirely on thoughts and feelings which we know don’t reflect reality is one of the strangest experiences a person can have, and yet so many of us live this way every day, sometimes without even realizing they’re wrong.

Myself, I could say with total conviction that I know my anxious thoughts are incorrect. My logical brain is well aware that a panic attack will do me no harm; I’ve had more than enough to factually confirm that. However, there is still that thought, a voice so to speak, which convinces me to avoid any situation that could cause a panic attack because there is always a “what if?”. This makes my anxiety very difficult to explain to others, and I know I’m not alone. People will say “there’s nothing to worry about, you’ll be fine” and you can’t help but answer “I know I will”. They ask why you’re so scared if you know you’re going to be safe, and unfortunately you’re left with no real answer. It is simply a feeling which guides you through your day, and although this may only make up 1% of your thoughts, that 1% is stronger than all of your logical thoughts combined.

It seems mad, on paper, to allow something you know is wrong to dictate everything you do. From what you eat, to where you go, to who you go there with, this one small sensation, which tells you that maybe this time will be so much worse than all the others, is in control of your life. It doesn’t take long to collect a full repertoire of symptoms and side effects of anxiety, from heart palpitations to nausea and full panic attacks. You become familiar with each one, you’ve experienced them all at their very worst and still survived to tell the tales, but still you continue to avoid and fear situations which may cause them again, all because of one tiny voice.

Imagine a world where this voice, this feeling, is the minority. Where you consider that maybe there is a risk, a small “what if?”, but you don’t allow it to control you because you truly do believe that those anxious thoughts are nothing but lies. Simply knowing that your paranoid brain is wrong is just step one, and while it’s an excellent step, it doesn’t change the fact that there is still a part of you which refuses to commit to the belief entirely. There is so much more freedom and liberation which comes with fully accepting and internalising the idea that these thoughts you have are only there to hold you back, and in no way reflect what life is really like. You first have to realise that you’ve seen it all before, you have the wisdom and benefit that comes with experience. You have been through the worst of it and you are still standing, and that should suggest that maybe, just maybe, some part of your way of thinking is very, very wrong.

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To see ourselves as others see us

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I don’t know about you but there have been times in my life when I have been acutely sensitive to the gaze of others. I am not immune even now, although I am better at managing how it makes me feel.
Which is why I found this video interesting and I thought you might also. It shows how different our own impression of ourselves can be to that of others.
It is like having a window into the subtle ways we see ourselves (not the good ways) and how that can distort everything else we feel.

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I built my own prison and now I pay the rent

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Eliza was talking to me recently and she started to list some of the rules that she deemed necessary to ‘contain’ her and make her feel safely ‘held in place’. I very much liked the way she put it and so I asked her to write another article to explain it all a little more. Here it is.

Eliza Burdon

I Built My Own Prison And Now I Pay Rent

One of the key contributors to anxiety and depression are the self imposed limits we create for ourselves. These could come in just about any form, there is a whole variety of possibilities – if you can dream it, you can have it. These limitations are what we hide behind, they are the basis of every “I can’t”, whether it’s conscious or not.

My prison

I make my own prison and now I pay rent.










For some, this could be a fear of letting go of their routine, leading to inflexibility. For others the limitations could include fearing responsibility or commitment. Whatever the reason may be, these limits give us a sense of control. Anxiety and Depression feel intensely
chaotic, especially when day to day life is bearing down on you too, and these limits allow us to feel as if we are on top of every situation. First things first, this sense of control is a lie. It is a false sense of security, like being partially wrapped in bubble wrap. The limits allow you to feel as though you’ve gotten your life and mental wellbeing under control, because you’re the one calling the shots. The reality is, these limits are only holding us hostage. By restricting certain aspects of your life, you’re only boxing yourself in. You are building a prison cell within which you’ll live as long as you uphold those limits, and even worse, the longer you stay there, the more you have to pay to live there. The charging rate is counted in lost opportunities, relationships and experiences which could create lifelong memories.

We normalise these limits so much that we barely notice how they’re impacting our lives, they’re just part of the natural order. We sit inside our tiny jail cell and we rarely consider what life is like on the outside, and when we do, we justify every reason to stay put. For every “I can’t”, there is a reason behind it, be it “that’s too much responsibility” or “that doesn’t fit my routine”. We justify every one of those missed opportunities with the limitations we set on ourselves, you say “I’m just not good with responsibility” and you truly believe it. But to take a step back, take a look at the bigger picture, there is no such thing as “not being good with responsibility”, only fearing responsibility.

Our misguided fears lead to locking ourselves in, imprisoned in a cell we have to pay for with our livelihood. Imagine for just one day, you chose to question just how realistic those limitations are, and started to push back against those walls. Imagine how much more freedom you could have by simply deciding that today, you no longer accept those barriers to happiness as a necessity.


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