CBT Therapy: Do you know your personal psychological space?

CBT Therapy: Personal Physical Space

We are all aware of personal space. If someone stands too close to you it is uncomfortable, we may not be quite sure why…it just does. In the film below, as an example of personal space violations, I tell the story of some experiments where men are positioned too close to other men in the bathroom. The effects can be dramatic, odd and even disturbing.

Watch this film and learn more. But be warned it is over 18 minutes long. Some things defy a simply or superficial description and sometimes important things take a bit longer to explain. So please stick with it to the end I am sure you will find it useful.

CBT Therapy: Personal Psychological Space

In this video I am not so much interested in talking about physical space but rather psychological space. Psychological space is a concept that is barely even recognised in science. I first developed an understanding of it when I fully understood the power of self sabotage.

Everyone wants to do well in their life. No one is motivated to perform poorly …and yet many of us do perform below are reasonable expectations of ourselves. The reason for this can seem puzzling, let’s face it, it seems to defy logic! But then I understood the power of the ‘personal membrane,’ this is what I call your unique personal psychological space.


CBT Therapy: The Personal Membrane

Your personal membrane is maintained by your existing negative beliefs about yourself. These were probably developed somewhere in your childhood when your cognitive system was less sophisticated and your understanding of the world less well developed. Nevertheless, once created it started to influence all of your decisions.

I tell the story of Tom whose personal membrane developed when he was about 10 and led to a nervous breakdown when he was 40. I describe how it influenced him and ultimately how it almost ruined his life.

CBT Therapy: Tom recovered from the depths of despair

Tom came to see me when he had his nervous breakdown for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) but he only had six face to face sessions. He also used and worked through The Mood Control System. Tom overcame the destructive force of his personal membrane and in fact he changed it out of all recognition. He got his life back, he kept his job and actually started to enjoy it again and he felt normal for the first time is several years. He did great!


Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness week is coming to a close. This week of activities to raise awareness of mental health issues spurred me to tell Tom’s story (even though it is longish for a video) but really the moral of this story is:

Your personal membrane will have an influence over you no matter where you are
in your life unless you make an effort to change it.

I’m a CBT therapist and I had to make an effort to change mine and Tom definitely had to change his, if he wanted to have a satisfactory life. I did it, Tom did it and you can do it also. You just have to start to make the effort.

CBT Therapy: Free Audio Book

I have created a 53 minute audio book entitled The Active Self Help Way Out Of Depression. When you sign up for The Mood Control System before 20th May you will also receive this audio book free. The link for the download will come to with you the welcome email.

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