Conventional drug based depression treatment is failing two thirds of patients. Yet computerized CBT with Blues Begone shows the reverse effect.

Conventional drug based depression treatment is failing two thirds of patients…

Yet computerized CBT with Blues Begone helps two thirds of patients

Recent research shows the limitations of drug treatments for depression

Data from Datamonitor (24 June 2013) has revealed that one third of patients are failing to respond to all current medical treatment with a further third only experiencing a partial improvement of symptoms. These data are despite the sale of drugs at an estimated $5.6 bn in the combined markets of the USA, Japan, and European markets in 2012.  The researchers considered that there was often a lack of efficacy coupled with intolerable side effects.

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Computerized CBT with Blues Begone shows different patterns of results

Blues Begone provides a depression treatment which you need to know about

Clinical trials data from Blues Begone shows that in NHS trials approximately one third of patients tend not to engage with therapy while two thirds experience either full recovery or significant improvement in symptoms of depression and anxiety. There are no side effects and recently published data shows that patients actually like using Blues Begone. When comparisons are made with drug treatments Blues Begone is once again revealed to be superior.

Aspects of this post were adapted from Medical News Today from an original press release. Source Datamonitor Healthcare and intolerable side effects with pharmaceutical drug treatments.


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