Only Dead Fish Go With The Flow: Film Two

Only dead fish go with the flow: Film two

Your brain is not your friend

Strange as it may seem your brain cannot be called your friend. It is both your servant and your master…but friend no! A friend has your best interests at heart. Your brain that only does what you request of it, even if it is not in your best interests.  Have you ever wondered why you did something? Or, why you felt something? Have you ever said to yourself, ‘how in the world could I think this would work out well?’ The answer is always that your brain caused it to happen. The problem in understanding your behaviour is that you have different motivation systems working simultaneously.

The conscious motivational system

You can relatively easily formulate things you want to achieve. You may want a better job or a better car, you may want to nice partner or to achieve academic success. So far so good. You would certainly encourage your brain to deliver these things for you. But!

The emotion based motivational system

As  well as being able to formulate things you want as in the examples above, you also have secret or not so secrets beliefs about how much you deserve these things. If you feel you are failing in your current job your brain is going to take this belief as a real and true fact and is not going to get behind you if you look for a better job. It will probably cause you to self sabotage or to feel anxious and perform poorly in interviews. You may want a better car or a nice partner but do you really feel you deserve one? If there is a disparity between what you believe about yourself and you goals you will have the experience of feeling conflicted and this is often depressing. The things you do and feel can seem puzzling because while you may recognise some conflict it is often quite difficult to understand why it happens. This film explains how this conflict arises and its role in depression and anxiety. Once you see the process the logic of  anxiety and depression become clear and are much easier to treat.

Film two in the Dead Fish go with the Flow series



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