Many things are unacceptable but they can be fixed with the right tools

Many things are unacceptable but they can be fixed with the right tools.

There are many things that are unacceptable in this world. Some of those are fixable and some less so. I hesitate to write not fixable because it is often the tools we have available to us that renders a problem fixable or not.

For instance, I never do my own car repairs. I’m not interested and prefer to do other things with my time. My Father-in-law loves fixing cars, consequently he has all the tools and even has hobby cars when he is not busy with other things.

On a grander scale

Malaria is a global killer with something like 660,000 deaths annually attributable to the disease. Bill Gates of Microsoft seems to have taken it upon himself to resolve this problem. He has enough money to buy the tools he needs to do the job. His charity, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is creating and delivering vaccines to the world.


So, it would seem that even the huge seemingly intractable problems such as death from malaria and aids have solutions if the right approach and the right tools are used.

Is anything impossible then?

I find it a fascinating thought that the right tool and the right approach together are capable of solving many of life’s problems. But this view does not include ‘humanity’. In pure terms most problems are solvable but in reality it is the human political and psychological dimensions that create barriers to solutions.

We are out own worst enemy.

It will come as no surprise to you that I have a mission to eliminate depression and anxiety from everyday life.

I am not in the same universe as Bill Gates but then I am not a billionaire.


But I have one tool that I can use to help resolve depression, not one of the physical tools I use but a psychological tool.

I belief that depression is resolvable, most people who suffer depression don’t believe this. And therefore cannot pick up and use the tools that are available.

Wales has the highest rates of depression and anti-depressant use in the UK, England has the lowest. I call this a problem that needs to be fixed. The ‘Improving Access To Therapy’ a Government initiative has been tasked with the job of fixing the problem of depression and anxiety in the general population. And yet:

Mind research

The charity Mind carried out a survey of more than 1,600 patients who had tried to access talking therapies. It found 12% waited over a year for treatment and 54% waited more than three months. GPs are offering anti-depressants as an alternative to talking therapy even though it is not recommended by The National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) as a first line treatment for depression and anxiety.

Maybe we are en-route to solving the problem but let’s change the game completely. Why does the treatment of the mental health of the nation need to belong to Government when it fails to adequately provide for tens of thousands of people with need. If you are depressed waiting three – 12 months before treatment is even started in very poor performance, in my view.

Perhaps we have relied too much on institutions and organisations to provide the help we need in every circumstance. I agree that the NHS in the UK is a great organisation. You cannot help yourself out of suffering a broken leg, or cancer. But you can help yourself out of most psychological problems including depression and anxiety. You may not have realized this or you may not believe it. But there is nothing to lose by trying it.

Thanksgiving offer

Mood Control is the right program for depression. As part of the American Thanksgiving Weekend, I want to offer you the opportunity to start to help yourself with your own program of anti-depressant CBT. This opens the opportunity to adopt the right approach and use the right tools.

Don’t accept that nothing can be done. Don’t accept that there is no solution. Instead let’s have a can-do attitude to life’s problems and see what we can achieve when we focus our minds on it.

Mood Control

DrPurves-MoodCOntrol-Logo-VBBegin treatment right away with The Mood Control CBT System.

Mood Control is a comprehensive cognitive behaviour therapy system that delivers the full personalised CBT therapy experience straight to you in your home via the internet on your personal Mood Control dashboard.

You don’t even have to change out of your pyjamas to begin your 13 week program of scheduled sessions which include relapse prevention. You just need to have access to a computer.

You’ll also gain immediate access to over 200 audio-visual resourcesand a wealth of downloadable material.

And each week you’ll be sent bonuses.

You’ll be in the very best hands with my revolutionary Mood Control CBT system.

I’ve already seen what this system has done for numerous patients. 

The results are staggering.

And I want to see you have the same results, too.Imagine being able to try out a product without any risk. Now it’s a reality!

“I have worked through all of Dr Purves’ excellent Mood Control sessions. I found the material extremely helpful. Time and again the practical explanations and suggestions would strike a real chord with me raising my mood and giving me insight and tools to use on an ongoing basis.”

You can access the Mood Control CBT System for just $1 for four weeks. Because what better way for me to prove that the Mood Control System really is as good as I say it is?

Picture yourself having all the power because you have four weeks to try out Mood Control without any risk.

If at the end of the four weeks you decide to continue your subscription then all of the knowledge and experience that I have used to treat countless patients face-to-face will be yours for only$58 a month.

That’s $58 for four therapy sessions and so much more.

This amount is just a small fraction of the cost of face-to-face CBT therapy and you can start your sessions right now.

As you can see everything you need for your recovery is included in this complete set of CBT coaching sessions:

Mood Control CBT Coaching Sessions
Session One – Getting Started
Session Two – External Causes
Session Three – Life Drivers
Session Four – Low Mood
Session Five – Bringing it Together
Session Six – Tolerating Uncertainty
Session Seven – Control
Session Eight – Increasing Confidence
Session Nine – Faulty Thinking
Session Ten – Attention Bias
Session Eleven – Negative Thinking
Session Twelve – Self Esteem
Session Thirteen – Relapse Prevention

The Mood Control CBT System is the very largest CBT resource that exists on the internet. That’s right, the very largest! In addition to the coaching sessions you’ll have 24/7 access to over 200 audio-visual resources and will receive weekly bonuses.

If after subscribing you are not delighted with how Mood Control helps you to change your life, then simply let me know and receive afull 30 day refund… no questions asked.

Envision being able to cancel your subscription for a full 30 day refund and still keeping all that you’ve learned!

You are ready to begin your recovery, aren’t you? Great, let’s move forward.


  • Yes I’m ready to get 24 hours 7 days a week access to the Mood Control CBT System as soon as possible for only $1
  • I understand my satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with your no-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee
  • Immediately after ordering the Mood Control CBT System, I understand that I will receive instant access to a password-protected site so I can access everything immediately
  • Once in the password-protected site I’ll be able to access all of the incredible CBT resources… including:
  • My CBT therapy coaching sessions which I can begin straightaway
  • Bonus materials which are key to my personal development including a free electronic copy of the incredible must-read classicThink and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • A gold mine of additional resources which will support my coaching sessions
  • A rich source of special features which will open up my mind to my true capabilities
  • The indispensible seven rules of Active Self Help
  • A dedicated area jammed with tools and advice to teach me exactly how I can stop worrying
  • I also understand my order will be processed on a totally secure server and once it is processed I will be able to access the Mood Control CBT System immediately
  • Finally I understand that if for any reason I am not completely satisfied and don’t feel that Mood Control is the best treatment for depression and anxiety I will receive a prompt 100% refund of the full purchase price

Take advantage of this special offer now and imagine minutes from now what you will be learning … 

I truly believe that the Mood Control CBT System will make such a huge difference to your life. See for yourself!

I wish you a good journey filled with the right tools.

Best wishes

Dr David Purves

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  1. Kathy Warren

    Hi there I am not sure if this is the right place to ask the question but I initially started following Dr Purves because I am suffering from anxiety and depression and had been given a/d which I did not want to take although I take diazepam foer anxiety. I was going to purchase the Blues Begone programme and now see there is Mood Control which is best? Bit confused now? Also the Blues Begone is one off payment in sterling £101 and my concern is the Mood Control is paid in dollars. That bothers me slightly. I am not entirely sure about why the Mood Control is paid in dollars rather than sterling as the offices are in England or is this just me being “over the top” I have been waiting to purchase the Blues Begone keep on looking at all the emails but now there is Mood Control and I am not sure. Could you help? explain the difference. Does the Blues Begone come in the post in DVD form? the Mood Control via internet immediate access is this the difference. How long does the Blues Begone take to arrive? and mainly why is one is sterling and one in dollars?

    Thank you so much. Sorry if I appear a bit “thick” just a bit muddled and I want to make sure I buy the right one.

    Kind regards

    Kathy Warren

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