Depression symptom Checklist (DSC)

Depression symptom Checklist (DSC) Date:

Over the past 2 weeks have you been troubled by the following. Please complete all questions

I have been:-

Not at all


A little




A lot


1 Noticing a loss of pleasure in things
2  Feeling low
3 Feeling irritable or angry
4 Feeling depressed
5 Noticed a change in weight
6 Eating less or eating more
7 Losing interest in things
8 Not sleeping enough or sleeping too much
9 Feeling agitated like I can’t easily sit still
10 Feeling slowed down
11 Feeling tired or fatigued
12 Feeling a loss of energy
13 Feeling guilty
14 Experiencing difficulty in concentrating or being indecisive
15 Thinking of suicide
16 Suffering bereavement
17 Self critical
18 Feeling am I being punished
19 Feeling a failure
20 Crying more than usual
21 Feeling worthless
22 Feeling on edge 

Scoring the Depression Screening Checklist (DSC) 

The DSC is a simple checklist that asks relevant questions from within those that comprise the diagnostic criteria for major depression. The DSC also asks questions that allow a fuller CBT understanding of your problem to be determined. The questions are scored by simply adding the columns up. Each symptom can be understood, by the score it attracts) as indicating mild, moderate or severe impact on your mood and your life. The totals can also be used to periodically check progress and so give a benchmark of the present symptom severity and progress as it is made.

Scores 0 – 12 Normal range

13 – 22 Mild depressed symptom presentation

23 – 44 Moderate depressed symptom presentation

45 – 66 Severe depressed symptom presentation    

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