Do you really know how to breath?

A letter from Jill who suffers from debilitating symptoms of anxiety

I had this email from one of my correspondents. I have her permission to include it here. I will call her  Jill (not her real name).

"I have severe anxiety 30 years, I hate going out, because I am so unsteady I can’t walk I know all about anxiety, what it is ,and what it does to your body, but it doesn't help me to overcome it. My life is so hard, my feet are tingling as I write this. I can't even do my weekly shopping...I have listened to a few of your videos and I could relate to each one. My body is of tired fighting this thing, what would you suggest I do??"

This letter really shows how unpleasant and difficult serious symptoms of anxiety can be. While I have had a little more contact with Jill I don’t know anymore history or anymore information that could help me form an opinion.


I am assuming there is no medical reason for these symptoms and everything I say is predicated on that assumption. I have not been told anything to contradict this assumption.

Expert breathing

All of the symptoms described are very understandable when we consider how easy it is to mess with the normal balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in your blood.  You are expert at breathing normally but that is pretty easily disrupted by the feeling of threat.

The perception of threat changes a lot of things in your body and I am sure you will have read about those or know about them anyway. But the thing that you hardly notice is that your breathing becomes shallow and more rapid. You breath into the top part of your chest and not the bottom of your lungs.  If you more or less always feel under threat then you will more or less always be hyperventilating (shallow breathing), threat and breathing changes go hand in hand.

You would be amazed at the bizarre things your body gives you when you mess with the delicate gas mixture in your blood. All of Jill’s symptoms are very commonly seen in panic disorder and severe anxiety.  So the first thing I want Jill to do is to start to pay attention to her breathing. As part of Panic Pit Stop I have made a breathing re-training program and I have put the first two audio training tapes here for Jill to use and for you to use if any of her symptoms also seem to apply to you.

Expert Breathing Part 1 This is where I introduce you to why bad breathing is so damaging.

Expert Breathing Part 2 This is where I start you off on the road to breathing properly once again.

These two audio files are from the comprehensive Panic Pit Stop Program. You can get access to all of the Panic Pit Stop tools, techniques and videos (over 100) on a try out basis for $1. Here

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