Dr David Purves on the BBC

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Dr David Purves on the BBC

Today I drove over to the BBC studios in Reading and was interviewed by Anne Diamond. I recently launched the Panic Pit Stop App. She was very interested in how the app could help people to recover from Panic, Worry and Anxiety.

Also in the news is the sad fact that common mental health problems in the UK are getting worse not better. The National Psychiatric Morbidity Survey revealed another increase since the last survey in 2007. It is for this reason I promote my Active Self Help programs. As Mulder and Skully (from the X files) used to say. The truth is out there. Well it may be but having it listened to and acted upon is very hard.


Dr David Purves of the Berkshire Psychology Service in Reading UK was interviewed on the BBC about The Panic Pit Stop App.

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One Comment on " Dr David Purves on the BBC "

  1. Declan Buckley on Wed, 5th Oct 2016 9:57 am  

    I am a chronic worrier and am on 50mg. Seratral not so sure yet of it’s benefits——-Again my thanks

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