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“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”

Lucille Ball

Browse the Dr Purves Self Help Store to access a suite of self help depression and anxiety products and services that you can access in your own home. All the products were created by expert psychologist, psychotherapist and CBT therapist, Dr Purves.


Correcting Faulty Thinking

Faulty Thinking by Dr David Purves

Correcting Faulty Thinking is a mini self help guide which includes practical cognitive behavioural therapy exercises to help you begin to overcome anxiety and depression.

When we’re looking at attacking anxiety and depression we need to focus on correcting our faulty thinking.

It focuses on: how the brain works and thinking develops; how and why your brain makes errors; the consequences of faulty thinking; how the depressed brain makes more errors than normal; and conclusion jumping.

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Seven Rules of Active Self Help


The 7 Rules of Active Self Help for Depression and Anxiety, and Stress are practical tools which will help you to take more control of psychological aspects of your life.

This mini self help guide includes practical cognitive behavioural therapy exercises to help you begin to overcome anxiety and depression.

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CBT Therapy Programs


head outlineThis sought-after membership program is a comprehensive CBT system that delivers the full personalised CBT therapy experience straight to you in your home via the internet on your personal Mood Control dashboard. You don’t even have to change out of your pyjamas to begin your 13 week program of scheduled sessions. Learn more.

‘Mood control has really helped me see the bigger picture of why I behave in certain ways. But almost more importantly, as an online course, it offers manageable tools and tricks to help me change some of the faulty thinking I’ve fallen prey to. Overall Mood Control offers support, motivation and inspirational examples of how to move out of depression, anxiety and low mood, all of which is helping me move my life forward.’

Mood Control  costs $58 per month. Cancel at any time. 


Blues Begone is the largest and most effective and sophisticated computer-based treatment for depression and anxiety in the BBG_usb_picture-300-whiteworld. It’s an interactive program that talks to you, learns about you and creates aunique treatment package that’s tailored to your specific needs. You go through 30 sessions that are always different, stimulating and challenging, each building on the last and guiding you through a carefully developed recovery program towards feeling better. Learn more.

‘The biggest compliment I could give to Blues Begone is that I would stand up in front of anyone anywhere and advocate its authenticity and its ability to enable me to improve my life in a way that just did not seem possible.Your program is enigmatic, engaging and most importantly it WORKS!’

Study’s show that 70% of users who are clinically depressed and use Blues Begone as self help for depression will notice a substantial improvement in their lives with 60% being cured. And 60% of users who are anxious will notice a substantial improvement with 50% being cured upon completely the Blues Begone program. These results are parallel to those achieved in 12 sessions of face to face cognitive behavioral therapy with a specialist CBT therapist.

Blues Begone retails for £110.



Everyone needs a little help from time to time. Sometimes you might feel that self help for depression and anxiety isn’t quite Dr Purves teaches CBTenough. You need an expert on your team! Dr David Purves is a leader in his field. And you can access his psychological expertise, via Skype or email, with a one-to-one consultation.

The world is complex, even chaotic, and it is hard sometimes to fully understand our own psychological response to things. Our eyes look outward and see the physical world because we need to. But our mind is occupied with other matters.

Our mind interacts with a virtual world that looks like the physical one in appearance but obeys different laws of logic and consequence. These are the processes that can be hard to understand. Dr Purves specialises in helping you to better understand your internal (virtual) world. If you feel your life would be enhanced through a better understanding of your internal world then why not make the best investment possible. Invest in clarity, understanding and mastery. When you have a one-to-one consultation with Dr Purves you will discover why his consultations are so greatly in demand across the world. Learn more.

Sessions with Dr Purves either in person or via Skype cost £100.

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