How often do you choose what happens to you?

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Many of the psychological problems we’re all familiar with fall into that pot called ‘lack of choice.’ No one chooses depression, anxiety or even panic. Fair enough! But if you have one of these problems do you choose to lose it? Do you decide to actively delete it from your life? Or do you sit in suffering; whether silent or otherwise?

All journeys start with a choice

All journeys starts with a choice.  We decide that the destination seems attractive and the path manageable. And we’re quite comfortable with this kind of choice. But somehow when the journey is inward and the process is about the self and personal change it can feel harder to start the journey and invest the time and effort needed.

I have just taken my own journey and the final step was in launching the Panic Pit Stop website. It’s a simple website but I was keen to put a full stop to this journey after a year of dedicated work. I want to offer the choice of a path out of panic and anxiety.

Choose to lose panic and anxiety

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