Is Panic Pitstop Right For You?

Do you want to know if The Panic Pit Stop Program is right for you?

Everything you experience is because of coded instructions running in your brain…everything! When you learn to crack the code of anxiety and depression you take back control.Panic, anxiety and depression are simply the result of unintended and unhelpful coding. Join the Panic Pit Stop Program and change your code.

- Dr. David Purves

The Panic Pit Stop Program

If you really want to change your life. Be free of bad code. Delete panic, anxiety and depression from your life then use the Panic Pit Stop Program. The first tow weeks is only £1 so you can check it out. Unsubscribe at any time. With over 150 videos and other resources it is the tool set to use if you are serious about changing your code and feeling great again.

Hello, Dr. Purves! I am really enjoying and learning so much from your Panic Pit Stop program...much more than I have ever learned in the past three years from my two previous counsellors. Neither of them have come close to teaching what I have learned from your program - sad to say, in the three years I was going to see these therapists (one being an actual psychologist) not one of them ever took the time to teach me, talk with me about (at any length) any of the information that you have imparted! In fact, I was telling my husband that I now look back at all of that time spent and it seems to me that all they wanted to do was just sit and listen to me talk, while helpful, no one ever gave me any constructive framework in which to truly get better - to get well. Your course is proving to be the missing piece. Thank you. Lastly, thank you for your time and thank you for providing the help so many of us out here need! Marion.
A Changed Life

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