How to overcome fear and the problems it causes

Do you want to learn how to overcome fear? First let’s, focus on what fear is and how it comes to dominate your life. Fear is one of the most powerful emotions available to you. It comes from a perceived threat to your survival. But there is a paradox with fear. As well as being a horrible experience, fear is a very useful emotion because is lets you know when you need to be taking action to protect yourself. Look around. Things have gone wrong…now your probably most fearful of fear itself. Your’re stuck in a loop you will find hard to break alone.

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  1. when I was working as an electrician in a house last year I found the wiring was not as safe as it should.What is to be done? Because all the houses along the street could very well in the same poor state Do I as cursed worrier go to all these houses and advise the neighbors? Again it never ends Again how would I rest my head on apillow at night if some poor person was electrocuted? and I might have known.Can you see now David how it never ever ever stops

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