How to retrain your amygdala

How to retrain your amygdala

This is a more technical sounding blog post but it also has the virtue of being true.

You can change your experience.

A short while ago I listened to a snippet on the BBC Today program. Dr Liam Mason was interviewed about the role of CBT in retraining the brain in sufferers of psychosis. It was shown that CBT physically changes the brain.

There is robust research using brain imaging techniques showing the change in brain structure connections following CBT. In serious mental health problems like depression and schizophrenia (psychosis) there is of evidence of functional disconnectivity between brain structures that process facial and social emotional signals. This means that people who suffer these problems are more likely to misinterpret faces expressions and social situations as threatening.

From my CBT clinic

In my work with clients, including those with psychosis I have seen that as CBT progresses there is a marked reduction in their sense of threat, (common in all anxiety and depressive disorders) this is correlated with an increase in self-awareness and the sense of being engaged in useful self-development work.

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