Triggers don’t only make guns shoot

Your life is how it is because of the choices you have made along your life’s journey.

This does not mean you should blame yourself for perceived faults or failings. Everyone always makes the best choices given where they are, what they know and their psychological understanding of themselves.

Imagine that the matrix of buttons and triggers that controls your emotions became obvious… what could you do with that?

The vast majority of people (and I include myself in this) live relatively automatic lives; this not a judgement only an observation.

What it means is that most of the time your emotional responses are beyond your control. The forces that manipulate you (both internal and external) determine what you feel at any moment of the day or night.

Have you ever lain in bed unable to sleep?

Have you ever felt irritated but could not identify the reason?

Have you ever been angry at people who did not cause your anger?

Have you ever changed your mind in an instant from one extreme position to another extreme position?

If any of these examples seems to ‘make sense’ to you then you have recognised that at times you give the control of your emotions away.

Lack of awareness or recognition of this coupled with lots of automatic habit processes renders most people victims of their emotions not partners in the emotional enjoyment of  the world of experiences.

Working for Wellness

Working for Wellness is above all else a process of raising your level of awareness of the forces that flow around and influence you all of the time.

Your emotional life is complex but if you suffer from any kind of emotional problem then be assured that your emotions are being controlled and directed by a vast matrix of triggers and stimuli that you will, at best only be partially aware of.

Stick with Working for Wellness and let’s work to change this for the better.

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