Impatient For Life: Change. Think. Practice.

Impatient For Life

Hi! I think that we’re all pretty impatient, right? Human beings are pretty impatient and it’s difficult when we are finally motivated to try something to change our lives and we don’t get a huge change straight away and I liken that really need to exercise.

If you don’t exercise at all or if you’re, in a situation such as being overweight where exercise becomes really difficult, it’s very hard to get the “Omf” to start to exercise. And once you’ve kind of raise that “omf” up to be able to do something it’s also quite hard to see much progress in the first bit of time.


You feel good for doing the exercise but it’s hard to see the progress. Exercise is one of those things that you have to stick with to get some real benefits and I think working on yourself is it’s also in that category you have to stick with it and you can get some easy wins such as cutting worry, using the Panic Pit Stop app but it’s still something that you have to put some effort into or a consistent period of time.

Now, no one would say, “I have done some exercise, I am now fit, whoo, that’s it I don’t have to bother anymore”, likewise no one would say, “I have achieved a healthy diet and I have achieved a healthy weight whoo, now I could just basically do what I want”, yet we seem to think that our psychology takes care of itself.

And I read stuff on Facebook posts and tweets all sorts of things. And I’m really, I don’t know what the word is really, I’m not disappointed but I’m really disheartened. No, see yeah.

I’m disheartened by the acceptance of anxiety and depression as something which is just what it is, right? Just gotta live with it live with for 30 years because be like sayin I’m disheartened with being unfit and are you gonna do something about it? No.

I’m disheartened with having a really unhealthy diet. Okay! You’re gonna do something about that? No. I’m just really disappointed and upset and unhappy, my life’s really you know not what it could be. Okay! Well, you could exercise a little bit, right? You could walk, you can have a healthier diet. No, no, I got nothing to do.

Change your Mindset

So, I’m really advocating a change of mindset if you like. You just have to do a little bit every day to achieve almost all of your goals. Fair enough you would not be a Hollywood movie star but even then you could be a person who acted, right?

So, you get some fitness, you do some healthy lifestyle changes, you get some benefits and that’s the nature of life. It’s a long journey and we tried to make the best of every day and if we can put something fresh, something new, something productive, something that helps us to move along our path every day then that’s been a successful day.

Thanks for taking the time to watching this.

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