Don’t Make Micro-Decisions Based on Fear


Hi! I want to talk about small decisions and I’m going to call them micro- decisions. Now, I don’t really know how many decisions you make a day but I know it’s thought that there are thousands and thousands of thoughts that go through our minds every day.

Decision Making

And certainly we make hundreds and hundreds of decisions and I’m going to say that our life experience is a sum total of our decisions, and I think that’s probably makes sense, right?

If you make lots of decisions that are good then you have a good life and if you make lots of decisions that are bad then you don’t have such a good life.

But I’ve prepared a little diagram just to illustrate it. This is what I use when I’m talking to clients about what I call micro-decisions. So, here’s the diagram, right? This is your life journey and this is a point at which you make a decision.

Now, let’s keep it simple, right? Supposed you decided that you wanted to lose weight and you were eating too much processed sugar and you have bitterly put sugar in your tea, so at this point you have a decision to make.

You can put sugar in your tea which is I’m going call a negative decision or you don’t want to put sugar in your tea which I’m going call a positive decision, that’s a micro-decision.

Now, let’s make it even a little bit more kind of interesting. Supposed you’re anxious and you don’t like to go out into like social spaces all that much and someone says, “ooh let’s go out for a walk in the town where there’s lots of people”.

Making A Decision Based on Fear

Now, you might make a decision based on fear which would basically say I don’t go into public spaces because I’m frightened, or you can make a decision based on opportunity and possibility and you could say, “Actually, do you know what? I don’t need to be frightened of going into a public space.”

Okay, let’s have another example which a little bit more, which is kind of social. Someone asks you out for a drink, just for a chitchat whatever, and say, “well, actually I don’t go out in the evenings because I’m frightened”.

So, you can make a decision based on fear or you can make a decision based on possibilities opportunity.

Now, if you make decisions which are consistently based on fear or other kinds of negative emotions which are you know, they’re motivating, they’re important, they get you going.

If you make micro-decisions based on fear, the sum total of your life will be the ill of a fearful experience. If you make micro decisions based on possibility opportunity, the sum total of your life will be that you have a life filled with possibility and opportunity.

You’re in charge of your decisions

So, you’re in charge of what kinds of decisions that you make and depending upon the decision that you make, that’s the life that you’ll have.

Well, that’s pretty empowering you’re in charge of the experience you have. So, if you decide not to do something. Well, then that won’t be a thing in your life and if you decide to do something well that will be a thing in your life.

Now, here’s a strong emotion and a lot of people who struggled a lot of fear have difficulty recognizing these micro decisions, right? You go and start practicing, bringing awareness to the everyday cut and thrust of your life and take control back from well making micro-decisions based on fear.

Thanks for taking the time to watch and listen.

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