Stop trying to solve problems that no longer exist

I was recently in Canada and I made this film whilst there. The film explores the idea that there are patterns in life. There are patterns that we can observe on a global level; these have a similarity to both national and local problems. These patterns can followed and tracked down to the each individual life and then even into the details of your life. Each thing you do, each belief you have is a fractal of something larger and something smaller both at the same time. Observing this fact and recognizing its existence is a powerful step forward in being able to take more control of your life experience.

The questions I pose for you are:-

What solutions are you still running for problems that no longer exist?

What beliefs are you running in your brain that are no longer relevant to your life now?

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1 thought on “Stop trying to solve problems that no longer exist”

  1. Sarah Stiles

    Stop trying to solve problems that no longer exist really resonated with me. I thought very deeply about it, and realised that for the last 48 years I had put up barriers to a problem that was no longer there. It might sound trivial to some: At the age of 5, I had to sing ‘5 golden rings’ from the 12 days of Christmas at a nativity concert. As I went to sing, nothing came out, I had stage fright. Since then I avoided singing solo every since. I joined a choir 4 years ago and I would always be in the back row. I never stepped forward for a solo. I watched your video, and last week I thought is time to stop running away. I can sing. I have a good voice and there is no reason not to at least try a solo. My very first solo at choir rehearsal was the lead part for ‘O Happy Day’. I did it, and loved it and in the future I know it is one problem that I don’t have to continue to solve. Thank you Dr Purves for the video.

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