The Body Keeps The Score

The Body Keeps The Score

A lot of times when we’re talking about cognitive behavior therapy CBT, we tend to focus on the cognitive element and I was looking through some old case files and I came across an example and I think it really illustrates sometimes the extent to which we ignore the sensational element or the behavioral element.

The Classic Donut

So, I’ve just drawn this classic donut if you work with me or if you’ve been through any of my courses, you’ll recognize this.

The Classic Donut

Typically with cognitive therapy you have access to the thoughts so you say, “I worry, I catastrophize, I’m over thinking, I’m doing something.” Okay, we’ll get access to that.

Typically we might say and this is like short I myself quite right. Thoughts lead to emotions, meet the behaviors, need two sensations. Now, the truth is emotions can lead to thoughts, behaviors connect to emotions or sensations, thoughts can lead to sensations.

So, in a way you can enter this at any point and then once you entered it, it creates all of these. You always have a thought that goes with an emotion. You always have a potential behavior or an intention to act or a predisposition to act that goes within emotion. Example would be, if you felt here, you would want to do something to protect yourself.

You’d want to run away or hide. If you felt tense, you know, so like stressed tense. If you felt tense, you’d likely think that you’re under some kind of threat that would make you feel somewhat apprehensive or fearful, that would make you want to do something.

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