The Mountain of Anxiety

The Mountain of Anxiety

The Mountain of Anxiety

Hi! I’m Dr. David Purves.

When I’m thinking about anxiety I often speak of it as a bit like a mountain because it has peaks and it has lows. I’ve just drawn a little diagram just to explain what I mean and everybody who gets to the point of panic which is the pinnacle of the mountain, that’s the peak of anxiety you’ve got to go through these stages and obviously panic is something that requires quite a lot of emotional and physical energy to achieve because you’ve got to go through the stages of low moderate and high anxiety and also you’ve got to convince your brain that you’re in a fight or flight or a sudden death experience the low panic we’ve got high anxiety module anxiety and low-level anxiety.

The Mountain of Panic

I was talking to a client today and I was describing the mountain of panic and I said but she’s overlooked it can be managed so perhaps it’s just low level anxiety. And I said, yes, okay, but suppose you don’t have a mountain then you’ve got no anxiety and if you don’t have a mountain then you can’t climb it.

So, if you don’t have a mountain of pre-established steps of anxiety you simply can’t climb up the process and that means therefore that you don’t have to be anxious. Now, I always say that anxiety is an option and it is in the sense that if you don’t do anything to challenge it, it persists but if you have an alternative to anxiety then it gives you something that you can do and you can eventually get rid of the mountain.

Anxiety is An Option

Lots of people are not anxious. It’s definitely an option but you have to exercise the option of using the alternative to panic, anxiety, depression and stress.

So, if you don’t have the Panic Pit Stop App, can I suggest that you get the app and start to eradicate your personal mountain? The app is free is on the App Store or the Google Play Store and you can get it and just start working on it on your phone or tablet. So, get the Panic Pit Stop App and start getting rid of your personal mountain.

Got no mountain, you can’t climb it.

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