The Soup Of Threat

The Soup of Threat and how to break the chains that bind you.

If you feel threatened or burdened, but in external reality there is no threat or burden then you can be pretty certain that your problem is psychological. If that is the case you need to break the chains that are keeping you locked into old patterns of thought, word and deed.

To break these chains you must do something different for the next step you take. If you do nothing different then you run the risk of remaining chained and repeating the same old problems over and over again.

My Easter gift to you is one of vision. You will be able to see the chains that keep you trapped and you will be able to see how to break them.

The Active Self Help-CBT programs I have developed offer a new way of seeing what is happening in your life and new way of responding to to it. This is freedom. Nothing short of psychological freedom to be who you want to be without the chains of the past holding you anchored to one spot.

Watch this video and if it makes sense to you why not make an Easter resolution to have a better future. The Threat Soup Video

Then the way to get started is simple. You will need to commit £1 for two weeks to start your own pilgrimage to change. You will see with new eyes and realize what is chaining your to the past.

If you want to release yourself from the chains that bind you then click here.

ps. When you join The Fantastic Dr ASH-CBT courses I will send you three e-books as an additional gift. These are:

Faulty thinking, why your brain makes mistakes that are killing you.

The 7 Rules of Active Self Help: The simple steps you need to apply to have the life you want


The Algorithm of Depression: The rules that create and maintain depression…change the rules and and change your depression.

These will come via email When the Easter offer closes on Tuesday 23rd April

With best wishes for the Easter Holiday.

Dr. David Purves

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