Unboxing Panic Anxiety

Unboxing Panic, Anxiety and Depression

Good morning everyone!

It is 9 o’clock in the morning, Wednesday the first of May and I took a short Facebook live to suggest that every day normally is much the same as the day before, and you’ve heard me say that every day we practice the next day.

So, I’m I’ve jumped on May day morning to suggest this, do something different today, you wanna think different.

Doing something different today

Now, you do one thing different today then tomorrow will be a little bit different because you did something different.

Now, I’ll even do different things all the time it’s like psychological thing, being moody a little bit more forward towards what you want to treat or how you want your day.

I’m doing a Facebook live and have a coffee in the morning. Now, it’s kinda hard to describe. It’s like this, like, the life in front of you is like an ill-defined amorphous kind of series of events, opportunities, things and stuff you know, habits of thought and we shape a future by what we do so our future is not set it’s shaped by our activity and I find it quite interesting concept metaphor fight.

You’re shaping your future of being panic, anxiety, depression and stress but you’re keeping your feet so about shaping your future of being more what you want to be but instead of doing something different by doing one thing.

If you find that you have some time or if you find that you stuck do something different. I’ve also put a link on the a little bit of blurb below this video called unboxing panic, anxiety, depression right kind of I tease the part of anxiety and depression.

Listing and maintaining anxiety

Now, and the general idea is let’s say I have anxiety, can’t do much with that because the label, a single word label for a multifaceted, so if you see what I have anxiety.

What is anxiety? or what maintains anxiety? and allows you to list the things that are the problems that create anxiety and maintain anxiety. We will list that problems eventually and things like I think negative thinking over focus on somatic symptoms, avoidance, those kind of little things.

So, unboxing stress, anxiety and depression, you’ll find the link it’s called 40 minutes a lot of thing but it’s not a trivial matter.

Okay, so here if you want something different, fine! I know you’ll find interesting and I ask this one thing for you please. Please leave a comment even a negative comment. I’ve been told that doesn’t really matter because more inward comment you’re likely to see more of my videos of things I’m a bit concerned that things have you lost, you don’t see anything I’m putting up.

Anyway, that’s this Facebook live for today. A little bit of something different, the one thing different.

Now, just a trick, right? Your different thing tomorrow even two things and all of a sudden you have a different experience and you’ve taken control.

Thanks for taking the time to watch and listen and I’ll put the link there and please leave a few comments because it really helps.


Have a good day! Do something different.

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