What is the real Christmas message?


With the approach of Christmas we are offered more and more opportunities to let our auto pilot do the work of making choices.  By this I mean that symbols and motifs are used much more purposefully to evoke an automatic response and to get us to act in some particular way. I am sad to say that the taste left in my mouth is not one of love and community but of consumption and commercialism. This seems to facilitate the ever more profound confusion of the Christmas message with the health of the economy. The package is not the present!

Are you on auto pilot?

I see that everyone lives their lives mostly on auto pilot. But if we blindly do everything that most of the people around us do without questioning ourselves from time to time, the chances are that we will never get to turn off our auto pilot and fly solo, even once in a while.

As you know I advocate becoming aware of the auto pilot that drives your life. In the main I usually talk about depression and anxiety because these are often the destinations reached when you let the auto pilot control your journey.

Sometimes it is worthwhile to have the auto pilot kicked out for a moment, even if only for a short while.

Alan Watt

I came across this film made to a talk by Alan Watt (1915 – 1973), a philosopher, mystic and writer. I found the juxtaposition of imagery and words very moving.

If you have an interest in seeing some of the programming behind your own auto pilot then take five minutes and watch this video.

If this has piqued your interest consider this: if your auto pilot has taken you to a place you don’t what to be (worry, anxiety, panic, depression) then you need to change the instructions you give the auto pilot.

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  1. It was a beautiful video- thought provoking and gave food for reflection.Thank you

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