What Successful Treatment For Anxiety And Depression Looks Like

What Successful Treatment For Anxiety And Depression Looks Like


Hi! My name is Dr. David Purves. I'm a psychologist and I work in Reading in Berkshire in the UK.

Yesterday, I had a very busy clinical day but nice day in a way because I discharged three clients. One was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and that took six sessions to resolve, one was struggling with severe anxiety and depression and that took eight sessions resolved and one was struggling with severe anxiety and moderate depression and that took seven sessions to resolve. And those sessions were spread out normally over about three months because of holidays and work arrangement all sorts of other kinds of things. Now, those in my opinion are fairly typical outcomes for a competent cognitive behavior therapists, clinical psychologist, counseling psychologist.

Cost for Pyschological Treatment

Okay! The cost of that treatment on average is between 800 and not between 900 and 750 depending on who's paying the bill if you like. So, a clinically effective treatment for depression or anxiety on average about 750 to 800 and perhaps a little bit more depends. Okay! Now, I don't say this to boast I simply say it to kind of reinforce the actuality; the cognitive behavior therapy is very powerful and reasonably easily implemented treatment strategy for panic, anxiety, depression and stress and I was taking a picture as a good thing to kind of help explain but let me just show you this picture here.

We can see that on the first of February this client came in and they had severe anxiety and severe depression as measured by the hospital anxiety depression scale our handstand is a common scale and you have to measure these things as a professional psychologist. It's just considered to be best practice really and they had seven sessions all together and those seven sessions resolved on the 5th of May 2019.  So, seven sessions over approximately three months.

CBT Treatment

Now, CBT can be hard to get, CBT is very effective, CBT can be somewhat expensive if you pay for it for yourself but even if you think about it, right. If you're struggling with severe anxiety and severe depression and you could have your depression, anxiety resolved so you could be cured for let's say 800 hundred pounds it might go well actually that's a good deal. Yes! Please because the kind of human cost of anxiety and depression, with severe anxiety and depression is horrendous. It's just difficult to live your life, difficult to find enjoyment, it's difficult to relate to connect to people, it's difficult to play with the kids, and it’s difficult to do anything really.

What’s a Good Deal?

So, you ask what's a good deal? Okay! But here's the thing. Suppose you could get all of the tools that I would use in CBT and you could apply them to yourself without actually having to see a therapist. Now, I've developed an approach of a in fairness over thirty twenty years called an act of self-help CBT. So, I've taken all the tools and resources that I use to do this treatment and to get these results and I've turned them into a program that you use so that you get all the tools yourself and you can use them at home, on your computer, on your tablet on your phone, whatever you like right and these tools are a brilliant way of implementing everything that a therapist would do in session but in fact of not having a therapist.

So, if you want to see what these tools are. If you want to check out active self-help CBT, I made it really easy for you and so you'll find a link probably below this video that will take it up this and you can check out active self-help CBT not for 800 pounds but for 1 pound for two weeks, right.

So, you get an opportunity to use active self-help CBT for depression, for anxiety, for panic and stress, you can choose all of the tools that you require for two weeks for one pound. If you carry on it costs about the price of a Starbucks a day but you get the opportunity to check out active self-help CBT.

Active Self-Help CBT

Now, active self-help CBT is the only strategy that you can find that tells you what to do, it tells you how to do it and it shows you why it's important that you do this thing. It clarifies the process of panic, anxiety, depression and stress so that you understand what's going on. Now, when

I look at Facebook and all sorts of things people are always saying I don't understand why do I have this, what can I do about it? The answer to all those questions lies within active self-help CBT. So, if you want to, if you struggle with panic, anxiety, depression or stress and you wanna have a different experience and you're prepared to spend a pound, one pound, 75 cents in US?  I don't know, maybe a dollar Canadian, I mean not very much. 50 pay a week if you if you're prepared to spend a pound and to put a little bit of time and effort into recovering from panic, anxiety, depression, stress then this is a great opportunity for you. It's a pound, right? Now, the thing that these clients had and the thing that you might not find in other kinds of therapies and the kind of an important thing is

Spend 10 minutes or less

I'm a big fan of setting homework so I always set homework for people and my motto is a little bit every day, if you do a little bit every day you get the outcomes. I just showed you on the board and that's what active self-help CBT gives you. It gives you a little bit every day. If you spend ten minutes a day or less focused on resolving panic, anxiety, depression, stress you will get a different experience and you'll probably get a great outcome and really depends on how focused or how motivated you are.  So, if you want change your experience, if you want to get access to the stuff that really makes the difference then you have to spend a pound and I don't think that's such a bad deal.

So, I look forward to seeing you on the inside of the fantastic Dr. Purves Online programs, the active self-help CBT programs and if you have any comments or questions please let me know I'm here to help

Thanks for taking the time to watch and listen you'll find the link, click on the link and start. Nothing to stop you absolutely nothing at all, you can start immediately and as soon as you start you're on the journey to wellness.

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