When You Don't Know You Have A Problem

When you don’t know you have a problem

When you don't know you have a problem

Hi! I post a question on my Facebook page, what do you do if you have a problem and you don’t know that you have a problem?

Well, let’s run through a few examples. You are hungry and you decide to have an omelet. So, you get some vegetables out and onions, etc. And you chop them all up and then you go in the fridge to get some eggs for your omelet, there were no eggs. What’s your problem? Well, your original problem is you’re hungry but now your problem is you have no eggs.

You’re in the wilderness and you’re freezing cold. So, you decide to collect some sticks and you make a little pyramid of sticks, and then you look in your pocket and you don’t have a match. What’s your problem? Well, your problem is you don’t have a match. Your bigger problem is that you’re cold, possibly freezing but your problem now is that you don’t have a match.

What’s Your Problem?

You struggle with panic, anxiety, depression or stress. What’s your problem? Well, I’m going to say that your problem is that you don’t have a solution that you can use right now to start to work on the problem and that means that it feels like there’s not much you can do about the problem.

And I think that’s the problem of panic, anxiety, depression, stress. It feels like there’s nothing that you can do right now in this moment to resolve it. I think it’s really an interesting idea to reframe problems in ways that we can find a solution.

So, for instance you’ve got no eggs so you turn your omelet makings into a stir fry. You’re cold but you’ve got no matches. So, if you bury grills, you get your knife, you stab a hole in your phone battery in a person who flips and now you have a fire.

If you have panic, anxiety, depression, stress what you do you suffer? I mean if you don’t have a solution that you can use right now, you suffer.

Perhaps to see your doctor in due course get on some medication but psychological problems they don’t seem to lend themselves the same kinds of practical solutions as practical problems do. But that’s possibly because we’re not reframing it.

You need to just find a way to do something today that makes the problem of panic, anxiety, depression, stress whichever it is you suffer from. You need to make that problem better today in some form you need to work the problem. Hope you find this an interesting kind of idea. Reframe the problem in such a way that you can find a solution. See what difference that makes.

Thanks for taking the time to watch and listen.

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