Preventing Panic Attacks

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Welcome to preventing panic attacks. This is just one article in a collection of panic attack resources which I hope you will find useful when dealing with panic. The current list of resources can be found at the end of the page.

preventing panic attacks

Preventing Panic Attacks: What is a panic attack?

A panic attack is the sudden onset of anxiety that makes you feel out of control. You may experience shortness of breath, shaking, a racing heart, upset stomach, nausea, numbness or tingling in your hands and fingers, sense of impending doom, sweating or chest pain. Learn more.

Preventing Panic Attacks: Learn about panic attacks

Reading about panic attacks and learning what’s happening to your body can stop you from worrying when you feel the first symptoms of a panic attack. It can help you to feel more in control because you understand that the symptoms are normal and that nothing awful is going to happen to you. For some this can completely take the wind out of the sails of panic attacks.

Preventing Panic Attacks: Relaxation

If you want to prevent panic attacks take a look at the amount of stress you have in your life. If you are suffering from regular attacks you may find that you’re generally quite stressed and anxious. Identify areas in your life which are causing you stress and anxiety and work out ways of decreasing stress. Are there tasks you can delegate? Are you pushing yourself too hard? Do all those things have to be done today? Could you leave something until tomorrow and with the  extra time have a bath or read a book?

Preventing Panic Attacks

Preventing Panic Attacks: Breathing

If you feel short of breath or unable to catch your breath when you’re having a panic attack you will benefit from yoga breathing.

Stephanie felt unable to get enough oxygen when she had panic attacks which made her panic even more which made her breathing even worse. It was a vicious cycle. A friend recommended yoga breathing to Stephanie and once she’d mastered this she no longer feared having a panic attack as she knew she would know how to control her breathing. Taking the fear away  helped her prevent future panic attacks.

This video is a good demonstration of yoga breathing.

Preventing Panic Attacks: A different focus

Get busy. Find something to occupy your mind and take your focus of panic attacks.

Lamar was suffering with panic attacks and general anxiety when he enrolled to study Business and IT at college. He was so busy studying and his head was so focused on his course that he found his anxiety levels dropped as he had less time to think about panicking and thus suffered few panic attacks.

Nikola started making scrap books. She found having an actual task to focus on  took her attention off her physical symptoms which helped her breathing to return to normal and her body to stop shaking.

Preventing Panic Attacks: Diet

Certain foods can trigger panic attacks in certain people. Just as certain foods can reduce stress levels.

If you’re prone to panic attacks experiment with reducing your caffeine, alcohol and sugar intake. Although caffeine can cause panic attacks some people find it beneficial if they’re suffering with generalised anxiety so see what works for you.

You might not feel like eating healthily but healthy eating can be helpful. Include foods rich in magnesium and B vitamins in your diet. Bananas, blueberries, almonds, seaweed and chocolate are all good for anxiety.

Preventing panic attacks

Preventing Panic Attacks: Hypnotherapy

Josie booked a holiday to New York and from that moment she began to worry about the flight. She kept thinking about what could go wrong with the plane. Josie had been on many flights before this sudden fear arose. Before her trip to New York she was due to fly to France for work which was just two hours. Josie thought she could manage it but as soon as she stepped on to the plane she began to experience shortness of breath, shaking and heart palpitations.

The air hostess could see that Josie was in distress and did her best to comfort her. She recommended that Josie listen to Paul McKenna’s Fear of Flying CD as she knew a number of passengers who’d found it helpful.

When Josie got back to the UK she bought the CD and listened to it regularly at home in preparation of her flight to New York. After listening to it for the first time she already felt a little better. By the time Josie was due to go to New York she was feeling much more confident.

After Josie had been in the plane for a few hours she began to feel a little bit uneasy and her breathing was slightly irregular. She recognised her feelings of anxiety and immediately put on her Paul McKenna CD. After listening to the track she felt perfectly relaxed again.

Preventing Panic Attacks: CBT Therapy

CBT Therapy can cure and prevent panic attacks. It’s a talking therapy that helps you to identify and change thoughts which are triggering your panic attacks. Learn more about overcoming panic attacks with CBT therapy.

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