The Panic Pit Stop Course

The Panic Pit Stop Course

Why you panic 

Dr Purves is a specialist CBT therapist
Dr David Purves provides CBT therapy in Reading

There is no question about it. Panic is a devastating to experience. The first panic attack often feels like you are going to die, have a heart attack or lose control and going mad. It can be a hard thing to live with and you definitely don’t want it in your life. So let’s get rid of it. To make panic history we have to follow a process.

First, if you know why you panic then you are more than half way there to stopping the panic attacks for good.

When you panic your brain has played a terrible trick on you. Your brain has judged that you are about to be annihilated, that your survival needs immediate action and that it needs to happen NOW. Your body is flooded with stress hormones and your muscles get ready for action.  You’re breathing changes in preparation to run or fight. Your attention narrows and focuses on the threat in front of you. Whoa…what threat? Where is the threat?

That’s the trick you’ve just been a victim of. You’re not under the kind of threat that your brain and body have responded to.  You may not even THINK you’re under any threat at all! That’s what makes it so hard to understand why you’ve had a panic attack.

Let’s deal with panic

To delete panic from your life forever you’ll need to take positive action to change the reasons your brain has been fooled into thinking you’re under threat. And you’ll need to remove the blocks that hold back your positive well being.

What this means is that you’ll learn to re-evaluate your panic experience, challenge the thoughts and feelings that create panic and de-conditioning your physical responses to panic.

Do you want to be panic free?

Panic Pit Stop is a CBT treatment strategy for panic, worry and anxiety.
Panic Pit Stop is a CBT treatment strategy for panic, worry and anxiety.

If you are serious about wanting to be panic-free then you have several options available to you.

The least useful option

The least useful option is probably to take a prescription medication. It may well reduce some of the symptoms of panic but it will have no effect on taking you any further.  It won’t help you to change the conditions that have made your brain trick you. And it won’t help you change your relationship to panic. But a medication is the path that your doctor will send you down.

The second least useful option

Jump onto a quick fix. There is no quick fix to panic.  You cannot be panic free in 60 seconds no matter what the advertising tells you. I know it’s always attractive to seek a quick solution to a terrible problem. Real human problems are only ever solved by real solutions. But don’t let this reality demoralize you. There is a brilliant treatment for panic that is easy to use, simple to understand and actually changes the programming in your brain that creates panic. Furthermore it is scientifically tested and proven and is actually recommended as the first line treatment panic and all other anxiety disorders and also for depression. It is cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT for short) Recommended by the British Government through the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

The most useful option to be panic free

To delete panic from your life forever you need to follow a course of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). With CBT once panic is gone there is no reason for it to come back. Because CBT changes how you think about panic, how you feel about panic and what you do when you feel panic rising it actually changes your relationship to panic forever.

Many people go to see a CBT therapist to get this treatment. Indeed, I have spent many years, myself, providing very successful treatment to hundreds of patients. CBT really does work.

Now I have taken all of my experience and knowledge on how to provide effective CBT for panic and put it into my Panic Pit Stop System.

With Panic Pit Stop you don’t need to see a CBT therapist face to face.  Everything you need to know, everything you need to change and everything you need to do is provided for you on your own computer or smart phone, wherever you are in the world.

Panic Pit Stop is a complete and full CBT solution that will take you on the journey out of panic and keep you panic free forever.

The Panic Pit Stop Course

Is a program of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy structured over 6 modules. Each module provides you with a week of activity that will keep you focused on the journey out of panic.  Panic Pit Stop also includes many free and always available tools and resources that you can use as part of your treatment program.

As you use Panic Pit Stop you will develop a unique and individualised Recovery Roadmap that tells you what caused the problem, that tells you what keeps the problem in place and then tells you what you need to do to delete the problem of panic forever.

Take this opportunity to change your life for the better. Delete panic and lose anxiety.


How do I know I am anxious?
How do I know I am anxious?

Panic Pit Stop Online Course FREE TRIAL OFFER

As a Panic Pit Stop App user you now have the opportunity to use the Panic Pit Stop online course for 7 days completely free. This is a great way to see what the Panic Pit Stop Online Course can do for you. Simply cancel within 7 days and you pay nothing more.

Maybe you have found the Panic Pit Stop App useful and interesting. And maybe you’re intrigued to see how far you can go towards getting panic, worry and anxiety completely out of your life. Then this is a great no cost way to see for yourself.

Panic Pit Stop is organised into modules delivered weekly. So you will have access to the first week of the 6 week structured course FREE.

After the FREE TRIAL period of 7 days has ended and if you remain registered then you will be charged the fee of £39.99 monthly for as long as you remain registered. You can cancel at any time so you are completely in charge of how long you use Panic Pit Stop.

Set your face against panic, worry and anxiety and set about making the changes that will give you a totally different life experience.

Imagine being free of worry

Imagine being free of anxiety

Imagine what life will feel like when you feel safe, competent, in control and calm.  

Take advantage of this free offer and with it the continuation of your journey out of Panic, Worry and Anxiety.

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