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depression anxiety pannic attacksI became a psychologist and CBT therapist because I genuinely want to help people overcome depression and anxiety…

…And I started with the aim of reaching and helping a greater number of people with their mental health problems by providing a wealth of free information in the form of articles, films and audio material.

Guest Blog Posts


At we are always on the lookout for original quality content for our website visitors. Specifically we are looking for posts which focus on topics such as CBT therapy, anxiety, depression, low mood, stress and worry.

We welcome posts from mental health professionals such as CBT therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists – and others who are not linked with the profession such  as those who have experience, either personal or perhaps through supporting a loved one, with depression, anxiety, low mood, worry, stress or therapy.

All submitted posts should be unique and original and will be owned by The articles need to be at least 400 words. We can include your biography at the end of your blog (although it does not count towards the word count) or if you prefer to write anonymously that’s also fine. Reciprocal links to your website may be included.

To suggest or submit a blog post please use my contact form

We will do our best to respond to your submission within 48 hours.


Ask Dr Purves a Question

question-markDo you have a question about stress, depression, anxiety, worry, low mood or something similiar that you’d like answered?

If so, I’d love to hear from you. You can send me a message through my contact form



Other Ways to Reach Me

My Facebook page, Twitter and  Google+ page, are great places to reach me, let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see on my site and keep up to date with what’s new on

I also have a YouTube channel  where you can watch my free films. I tend to travel a fair bit and take my camera with me so the films are often made in different parts of the world.


Keep in Touch

Wellness-starter-packYou can also keep in touch by subscribing to my free newsletter Active Self Help for Depression and Anxiety.

When you sign up you’ll receive my Wellness Starter Pack which includes a printable depression checklist; a selection of self help films designed to significantly reduce worry and anxiety; plus exclusive subscriber offers.
Best wishes

Dr David Purves

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