Master your emotions: Loss of control

Master your emotions: Loss of control

Have you ever felt that you have lost control?

Well, a common consequence of depression, anxiety and stress is that you feel you have lost a sense of control.

Of course you haven’t but it really feels as if you have.  The feeling of control I am talking about is a subtle, hard to describe and yet powerful sense of self efficacy and strength.

Everyone can recognize when it is lacking. When it is there you don’t notice it at all.

You can learn more about loss of control in the short film below:


Master your emotions: Shocking and unexpected

When you feel you have enough control you feel able to do what is needed but when that feeling lessens you don’t feel at all confident that things will turn out right for you.

This can be a shocking and unexpected experience. In many years of clinical practice I have observed that the vast majority of people who are struggling with a psychological problem also feel they have lost an aspect of their sense of personal control.


Some psychological problems, like panic disorder, seem to be predicated on a fear of loss of control while others like obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) are predicated on trying to control things the wrong (unhelpful way). Control is an element in most problems but especially so in anxiety problems. 

Master your emotions: The Psychology of control

I have studied the psychology of control for over 20 years and I have worked with many hundreds of clients with depression, anxiety and stress related problems who I have helped regain their sense of control.


I have taken that knowledge and created a short audio webinar that lays out why you have lost your control and what you need to do to regain it. With just a few simple and easy steps you can once again feel you are equal to the challenges that life offers you. 

        Feel you are the master of your emotions

        No longer fear losing control

        Access tools that become part of you and so change your life forever

You can download this audio and put it onto a mobile device then you can access to it any time you need it.

Regain your feeling of control NOW with this FREE download


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