Dealing with depression and anxiety? Stop underestimating yourself!

Everyone who is dealing with depression and  anxiety underestimates themselves.

Does that sound like a generalisation?

Well, let me tell you a little about how I reached that conclusion…

dealing-with-depression-and-anxiety-happyI started clinical practice in 1995 after I left my post doctoral research fellowship in physiological psychology.

I felt a strong and motivating drive to work with, and hopefully, help people to be happier. 

So that means I now have 18 years of clinical practice now under my belt.

Every day I rejoice in my career choice.It is such a privilege to be helpful to others.

I don’t keep track of it, but without doubt I have worked with hundreds of people over the years.

And over this period I’ve learned some lessons about people and in particular about the invariable characteristics of depression and anxiety and this is one of them.

Everyone who is dealing with depression and  anxiety underestimates themselves

What I mean is that they underestimate their capabilities, strengths, resources and resilience. Most of us do it at different times but if you do it a lot then it makes depression or anxiety more likely to occur and harder to get rid of.

I have seen this in every single client I have worked with and I can guarantee that you do it to.

If you don’t recognise this fact, then that would be a fruitful area for you to focus your Active Self Help work on.

Even with all of my experience as a psychologist I still do it to myself, but at least I can recognise it and that takes away its power.

dealing-with-depression-and-anxietyIt is through self talk that your underestimation is revealed. It is what you say, think or mumble to yourself, just at the edge of consciousness.

The WWII poster that said ‘Careless talk costs lives’ neatly summed it up, if you talk yourself down enough then you will be down; how can it be otherwise.

This is careless because it perpetuates the self myths of failure, fear, lack and loss. And these are the things that are simply not true, but they characterise your underestimation of yourself.

To feel better they must be recognised for what they are (horrible lies) and challenged with a passion.

See yourself as you really are

All I ever want for my clients dealing with depression and anxiety is for them to see themselves as they really are; to cast down the filter that distorts and spoils everything; to stop underestimating themselves.

That is why I often get clients seeking depression and anxiety treatment to use Blues Begone because Blues Begone devotes a lot of time to the challenge and repair of damaging self talk.

The process is deceptively simple really; every time you challenge an underestimation it gets weaker and you get stronger.  And that is powerful therapy.

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