Life changing moments: Seven life changing choices to make today and change forever

How can you change your life for the better? This is the single most pressing problem for anyone who believes there can be more to life than seems on offer. It often feels like we are the victim of limits and constraints that seem imposed on us by outside systems such as work, family, economics.


And yet it is apparent that some people have found the path to greater happiness and fulfillment in life despite the same conditions and apparent limitations we all have.

I have looked deeper into creating success in life and found it often comes down to the simple choices you make. Life changing moments happen all the time. Make the right choice and you are on the path to happiness; choose poorly and misery will stalk you.

Work on these choices and you will have a powerful tool set to help you achieve the life you want.

  1. Life changing moments: Choose to give up your self-limiting beliefs

We all have self limiting beliefs. They are, as the name implies, limits to what you believe you can achieve.  The important point about self limiting beliefs is that they always set the bar to what you can do too low. They are a serious underestimation of what you could achieve with a different belief.  Find your most potent self limiting belief and challenge it. Is it really accurate? In my experience it never is. So choose to change it.

  1. Life changing moments: Choose to believe in your own control

You have the ability to control your own life to exactly the same degree as everyone else. Many of us give this control away to various internal or external forces. When you learn to recognize the ways you give your control of life away you can much more easily choose to keep hold of it. Look back at the times when you feel you have lost some control and think about how you gave it away. Then simply choose to keep it. You will feel so much more powerful.

  1. Life changing moments: Choose to stop making excuses

Every excuse is a lie. When you stop making excuses (and worst believing them) you have a great opportunity to live an authentic life. Real authenticity is having a good match between what you do and who you are. When these things are well aligned you are firmly on the path to happiness and fulfillment. So choose to be ‘real’ and drop the unnecessary lies.

  1. Life changing moments: Choose to be satisfied with who you are

Learning to be satisfied with who you are is so potent that it changes everything. It is so potent that it really is a life journey. The truth is that you are a perfectly ordinary human being. Your personal value is not different from mine or anyone else’s. This is the single bottom line that can change your life. There is nothing wrong with you. Instead of finding opportunities to find fault with yourself find opportunities to be satisfied with who you are and what you can do. But first you MUST choose to work towards satisfaction with who you are. Everything follows on from that first choice.

  1. Life changing moments: Choose to let go of your fear

Fear is the ground in which anxiety and depression grows.  But think about it…  the things you fear never normally happen do they? Therefore, your fear is an overestimation of threat. Choose to be open to the possibility that you are actually safe in your life and those you love are also as safe as anyone else in your world.

  1. Life changing moments: Choose to stop living through the expectations of others

Happy-officeYou can only live your own life. One of the profound secrets of happiness is to stop living your life to the plan of other people. Figure out what you really want from life and use that as your blueprint for living. The expectations of others only distract you from your real path. Living your own life requires your full attention so choose to give it your best shot.

  1. Life changing moments: Choose to let the past not be the future

The past is history and the future a mystery so why travel into the future looking backwards? You have a history as does everyone else. You are shaped, in part, by your history but you are not fully defined by it. You have the power to choose to make your life as you want it to be. So choose to have a future that intrigues and excites you.  Why not?

This is my favourite list of life changing choices. Of course there are others you can make but deal with these first and notice the difference it will make you your life.

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