The benefits of thinking about our ancestors

I have quite a number of family members who practice geneology; piecing together the detective story that makes up our individual family histories. I also know quite a few people who could not care less who their distant ancesters where, what they did or where they came from.

Yet our ancesters gave us our genetic heritage.

Who we can be is down to them.

And, the good news is that it seems they can continue to give to us.

The link below takes you to a short article that illustrates some of the valuable side effects from simply spending a little time (5 minutes) thinking about your ancestors. But let’s widen this viewpoint. I also consider that there are benefits from stretching our thinking beyond our ‘normal’ viewpoint.

This in my view could include thinking about other cultures. Which brings me to the logical point that we probably don’t have enough relationships with people from other countries.

Many mental health problems can be characterised by a narrowing of attention coupled with a cognitive bias. This leads to the potential for distortions and down right errors in our thought processes about the world; the wider world as well as our own small part of the globe.

Are we isolated and insular in our own country, and in our own internal lives? If so thinking about ancestors could be the answer.

The benefits of thinking about our ancestors

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