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Active Self Help

What is CBT

What is anxiety and how does it affect you

The seven causes of depression

Mental Health

How to boost self esteem

Psychologist vs Psychiatrist – What’s the Difference?


Mood Control

About Mood Control

Where you place your attention determines your mood

CBT Therapy: Comparisons Can Kill

Thoughts on stress free living

Complete Cognitive Behaviour System

Mood Control Recovery Map


Blues Begone

Blues Begone Depression Treatment

CBT Therapy as  a Depression Treatment and Anxiety Therapy

Blues Begone Clinical Data Effectiveness

Information about Blues Begone



Botox as a depression treatment

Psychotherapist? I wondered, listening to the Sherlock Holmes books

CBT Therapy works where antidepressants don’t 

The Antidepressant Era


Panic Attacks

For articles on panic attacks see



Depression warning signs

No one is immune from depression

How to overcome depression: it’s like driving a car

Ever wondered, “How long will I live?”

Men and Depression

Clinical depression treatments: Your soul has a cold (Kokoro no kaze)

Only the dead fish go with the flow

I’m not depressed; I’m just working too hard

How to change some part of your life – do it yourself depression and anxiety treatments

10 tools fro depression self help

Postpartum Depression Facts

Is there a cure against depression and low mood?

What clinical depression treatments are available?

Depression treatment and symptoms – Why mental defeat creeps up on you

What is clinical depression?

Bipolar depression treatment

Seeking an alternative depression treatment


Natural Treatments for Depression

Natural Treatments for Depression

Seasonal Affective Disorder

The Powerful Placebo Effect

St John’s Wort for Depression



You can walk away stress

Why is stress overwhelming


CBT Therapy

Do you know your personal psychological space?

Scary emotions can make you feel stuck

CBT therapy helps dismantle borders

Alexithymia – Can you describe your emotions

CBT for Insomnia


Seven rules of active self help articles

Rule one – Now on

Rule two

Rule three

Rule four

Rule five

Rule six

Rule seven


Correct your faulty thinking series

Part one

Part two

Part three

Part four

Part five


How-to articles

How to be happy

How to stop procrastination

How to stop being self critical

How to be lucky

How to overcome fear

How to live longer and feel younger

Your being attracts your life – Law of attraction techniques

Make your brain your friend

My thoughts on stress free living

The Worry Cure


General mental health articles

Do you challenge yourself enough?

A law of nature you can harness yourself

Barriers to happiness

Triggers don’t only make guns shoot

Brain size and political affiliation

Doing things naked

You always have more control than you think

What is quality of life and how do I get it?

Five barriers to using self help


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