To see ourselves as others see us

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I don’t know about you but there have been times in my life when I have been acutely sensitive to the gaze of others. I am not immune even now, although I am better at managing how it makes me feel.
Which is why I found this video interesting and I thought you might also. It shows how different our own impression of ourselves can be to that of others.
It is like having a window into the subtle ways we see ourselves (not the good ways) and how that can distort everything else we feel.

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One Comment on " To see ourselves as others see us "

  1. RoMorton on Sat, 3rd Sep 2016 8:21 pm  

    How incredibly insightful this video is. I’ve had self-esteem issues in the past and can imagine myself being the negative critical person about how I look then (while seeing pictures now and knowing, ironically I looked younger and lovelier then). The good thing is that with practice and cbt and making an effort to look at the glass half full side of life (I kept a positives diary for several months and it really helped) I know I am much happier to be who I am now, and care far less about how I look or what other people think about that. What matters is that I keep making the best of every day and look after myself.

    I wonder if women are harder on themselves with their self image than men, or if men would describe themselves similarly bleakly?

    Thanks for the insight.

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