What is anxiety: How does it affect you?

What is anxiety: How does it affect you?

There is a lot of mystique around things like worry, anxiety and depression. They seem to fall into the category of ‘things that are hard to understand’. And I do see a lot of fatalism around them. As I was writing this my wife handed me an article on the BBC news website by Adam Gopnik he wrote about 4 types of anxiety and how to cure them. Except he didn’t cure them. He fell into the usual strategy of describing them and then giving a nod to how to think differently about them. In my opinion that is nothing more than filling space on the page, even if nicely written. It’s never going to cure anxiety.

The problem with psychological issues is that when you are troubled with worry, anxiety or depression you experience it from the inside out. Your emotions and the thoughts that accompany them are created within you and are then expressed as troubling symptoms and behaviors. Moving in a direction away from you…outwards.

The direction of your gaze

The direction of your gaze is always away from you.  That’s how you avoid bumping into things. But to deal with worry, anxiety and depression it needs to be turned around and re-focused on the problem and not on the outcome of the problem. On the inside, where the problem is created and not on the symptoms that the problem has created which are more on the outside.

It is this lack of focus on the actual problem that enables these troubling and even life destroying problems to be tolerated and managed instead of tackled and destroyed.

It has been my privilege over the past 20 years in clinical practice to help people to re-focus onto what needs to be done to eliminate worry, anxiety and depression from their lives.

In line with this approach I have placed a video film here that will help you start to see that anxiety does not need to be your travelling companion. But unless you take control of it then it will have control over you.