The Joy of Stress

The Joy of Stress

Why is stress overwhelming and how can you fix it?

The joy of stress. If you’ve ever experienced stress I doubt you’d have described it as a joyful experience. Stress is a problem that everyone experiences from time to time. It is so common but yet so destructive. There is a mountain of evidence to show that stress induced problems are health destroying and even life shortening so anything you can do to better manage stress is going to be helpful.


In my clinical practice I have a set of tools that have proved very effective in combating stress and I want to share one of these with you here. It is fully explained in the film below, called, ‘Take 3 steps back to relieve stress’.

The Joy of Stress: The trick stress plays

But let me first show you how stress plays a trick on your perceptual system. In my view this is one of the those critical aspects of stress you can learn to take ownership over and successfully change for a better life.


Because of the way threat and survival systems are set up in your brain if a problem seems to have no obvious solutions you tend to think about it more and more. So it occupies more and more of the real estate in your mind.

This fools your brain into feeling that your problems are very close, on top of you or in your face. Eventually you come to lose perspective and feel that you have very few, if any, options; consequently you feel trapped with less control.

These are all distorted viewpoints. But they are also common in depression and anxiety problems and often arise when you stop challenging your negative and self-defeating beliefs about a situation.

The Joy of Stress: Tools to relieve stress

When you lose your perspective on a problem you lose sight of the options that are always out there for you to choose from.

The tool I offer in this film is a simple way of helping you regain your perspective and therefore to once again recognize and utilize your real and available options.

This process alone is powerful in relieving that feeling of being overwhelmed and out of control. This tool is also very good for anxiety problems and I often use it my CBT Therapy programs as part of an anxiety therapy or a depression treatment.

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