Why you worry

Why you worry

If you know why and how something works you can more easily fix if it goes wrong. This also applies to understanding how psychological things work, in particular worry. This video film gives you an explanation of why you worry. This film is a first step in the process of cutting worry down to size. And it puts you in a strong position to benefit from the Killer Apps.

Please let me know how you get on with the 4 Killer Apps. I want to help you be worry free. There are vast resources within the DrPurves.com site and the other programs we have created. It might just be I can direct you to something helpful.


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  1. I try everything i still have anxiety and panic attack all the time .the thought that always come on my mind is death fear like if i get in the airplane what happened . Try not to think about it. But just pumb in mind without knowing. And i don’t want to think about does kind of thing .i just want enjoy life. ..please help if you can

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