The Panic Pit Stop Workshop

Saturday 19th November

10:00 am – 4:00 pm

with Dr. David Purves

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The Panic Pit Stop Workshop gives you the tools you need
to put panic, worry and anxiety behind you.

This is a practical workshop crafted to help you acquire, absorb and use the modern powerful tools available to delete panic, worry and anxiety from your life. After attending this workshop, you will be well equipped to change your life for the better. The basis of the workshop is a proven combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Dr. Purves’s own Active Self Help system.

The number of delegates will be deliberately small, so that everyone will benefit from personal attention, to receive very specific guidance and help, to address individual problems.

In the workshop you will learn:-

  • What are the three legs of anxiety and how to delete these from your life
  • What causes your specific anxiety, worry and/or panic
  • How to stop panic attacks FAST
  • How to stop worry in its tracks
  • How to challenge, change and remove anxiety from your life for good
  • You will learn the secret of emotional control

You also will learn how to build personal value, so you feel less vulnerable, and you will learn how to feel safe once more.

This workshop is very much focused toward helping you delete the experience of anxiety, worry and panic from your life. If you struggle with anxiety, worry and panic, you will find that this workshop equips you with the most effective tools in existence to help you overcome and remove these from your life.

You will become the master of your emotions not their slave!

The Panic Pit Stop Workshop will take place in Reading, Berkshire. There is plenty of parking and lunch will be provided. The fee for this unique one day workshop is £185 (incl lunch and full course notes). An early bird registrant’s fee is available at only £155, plus a 50% discount on the Panic Pit Stop online course (normally £39 per month of membership), worth up to £39, making a total savings of £69 for early booking.

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